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Hacked: America 'Loses' High Tech Drone Over Iran
by Kismo Wednesday, Dec 7 2011, 12:39am
international / mass media / commentary

It was only “a matter of time” before original team member, nano’s seminal paper on the subject became REALITY. It seems the US has ‘lost’ one of its most ‘sophisticated’ (a relative term, Jethro) stealth, surveillance UAV Drones over Iranian air space; what a tragedy for fascist America and what a boon for the FREE WORLD.

RQ-170 Surveillance Drone
RQ-170 Surveillance Drone

The sloppily ‘secured’ RQ-170’s self-destruct technologies failed to activate or were easily circumvented and now the aircraft (complete) is in the hands of ‘others!’ Technologies on board the ‘sophisticated’ aircraft, reversed engineered and improved by digital elites, promise to deliver a fatal blow to the rustic dunces and avaricious pigs in Washington, London and Western Europe – you were all warned but failed to abandon your evil ways – you should be aware of the old adage, ‘show a pig a trough and you have it;’ you fell for meaningless, easily obtained MONEY instead! So NOW you will pay the REAL price for your mass murdering, destructive, thieving pursuits, you unspeakably VILE, CRIMINAL FILTH!

Contrary to US reports that implied the aircraft was shot down, it was instead safely landed after its controls had been digitally compromised; and therein is an example of the new digital theatre of war that will determine the final Victory for autonomous, stateless, elite hacking crews over the nefarious, criminal, mass murdering, scum that have very temporarily hijacked our world.

Your CIA-Google and Facebook etc snares only capture morons – we do not exist, nor can any pattern recognition (DOTS) software detect us! Remember the core rule of ALL digital warriors, “ANONYMITY IS POWER!”

An entire underground of highly skilled and aware individuals has developed since the writing of nano’s seminal paper – and as obtaining funds is child’s play for these new crews they are beyond corruption AND intimidation, as they have also been trained by senior members whom you cruelly tortured, abused and then cast to the dogs BUT who somehow survived to return and haunt you NOW!

Please indulge my boyish glee as it is only a matter of time before all military satellite systems are compromised -- less skilled (by the day) operators maintaining/‘securing’ these systems can do NOTHING to prevent what they cannot see! OUR methods and approaches are truly creative, inspiring and of course, invisible to morons.

With increased consciousness and ability comes increased humanity and responsibility for the less fortunate, NOT the cruel abuse, vandalism, chaos, theft, bullying and permanent war characteristic of the criminal cabals. The Banking and Corporatist criminal cabals behind all the death and destruction occurring today are known to us and are ALL marked for elimination, as any CANCEROUS DISEASE on a healthy social organism would be.

Be assured, the criminal cabals AND their lying, deceptive puppet politicians are ALL marked for PUBLIC TRIALS and will be justly sentenced according to the nature of the horrendous crimes they have committed against humanity.

Have no illusions in that regard; the Corporate controlled media and ‘entertainment’ industry is one big DISTRACTION/DECEPTION machine, as is the incredibly LAME, passive, DEVOID of DIRECTION and ACTION, manufactured, Occupy ‘movement’ of today.

In STARK contrast to the above orchestrated and managed ‘movements’, the digital underground is highly FOCUSED, DEDICATED, PURPOSEFUL, COOPERATIVE and SUPREMELY PRO-ACTIVE; WE, every man, woman, youth, and genius child who have gained membership via their digital skills, ARE WARRIORS!

We FIGHT the good fight and wage the JUST war against the most nefarious human filth that has ever inhabited the earth -- as ‘nano’ stated some YEARS back, a $20 keyboard in the hands of an elite “Uber Warrior” is the most effective weapon that exists today – how true, as the publicly demonstrated safe landing of the ‘sophisticated', dunce controlled, RQ-170 surveillance Drone indicates.

In conclusion I would put to rest the "evil genius" myth -- there is no such thing as an ‘evil genius’, with true genius comes true humanity, responsibility and LOVE for all life, especially consideration for the less fortunate. Evil is as evil does and there is nothing more mysterious to it.


No-one is EVERYONE – WE are ONE – We are MANY – We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Congressman Kucinich Speaks Sense -- it's a tragedy that the majority of Americans reject Reason



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How Iran Acquired A Stealth Drone
by anon - Moon Of Alabama Wednesday, Dec 7 2011, 7:59am

It seems that Iran has acquired a U.S. stealth drone which was illegally flying within its airspace.

A secret U.S. surveillance drone that went missing last week in western Afghanistan appears to have crashed in Iran, in what may be the first case of such an aircraft ending up in the hands of an adversary.

Iran’s news agencies asserted that the nation’s defense forces brought down the drone, which the Iranian reports said was an RQ-170 stealth aircraft. It is designed to penetrate enemy air defenses that could see and possibly shoot down less-sophisticated Predator and Reaper drones.
U.S. officials acknowledged Sunday that a drone had been lost near the Iranian border, but they declined to say what kind of aircraft was missing.
The first reports of the drone crash came from Iran’s semiofficial Fars News Agency. “Iran’s army has downed an intruding RQ-170 American drone in eastern Iran,” the Arabic-language al-Alam state television network quoted an unnamed source as saying. “The spy drone, which has been downed with little damage, was seized by the armed forces.”

Reuters wrote that U.S. official says no sign Iran shot down drone. Of course Iran never claimed that it shot down the drone so this is a non-denial. Iran just "downed" the drone by some electronic warfare means.

The question now is "How did they do it?" Here are my speculative ideas on that.

As this is a stealth drone detecting it is the first problem. A usual monostatic radar where the emitter of the radar beam and the receiver which catches the echo from the airplane are in the same place would not find the drone. The drone's form and its echo reducing coating would scatter the beam too much.

But by using bistatic radar where the emitter is separated from the receiver(s) by a distance that is comparable to the expected target distance even stealthy flying objects can be detected.

Detection by electronic means is also possible if the drone is receiving and sending information via its satellite link and not just silently following a preprogrammed flightpath. While the signal from the drone to the satellite is send in a highly directional beam a plane equipped with the necessary radios flying above the drone and near the line of sight between the satellite and the drone should be able to locate it. If the drone used its own radar to "look around" Iran the recently delivered Russian Avtobaza "anti-stealth" system will likely have detected it.

Iran says it did not shoot the drone down but "downed" it with little damage. I think they may have actually landed it.

This RQ-170 drone type became known as the "Beast of Kandahar" when it was first observed there four years ago. Flying high tech U.S. stealth drones over Afghanistan is necessary in order to escape detection. The drone is quite large with an estimated wingspan of 65 feet (20m) to 90 feet (27m) and a takeoff weight of some 10,000 lbs.

When the drone is in the air it is controlled via a satellite link from a remote operating station. But during start and landing the drone is piloted via line-of-sight radio by an operator near the start or landing field. This is necessary because the remote satellite link has a delay of several hundred milliseconds which is just too much latency to correct wind sheer and other problems during takeoff and landing.

What the Iranians seem to have done is to take over the drone's line-of-sight control. This after electronically disrupting its satellite link. Disrupting the satellite link alone would not be enough as the drone would then have followed some preprogrammed action like simply flying back to where it came from. With the line-of-sight control active, a satellite link disruption would not lead to a preprogrammed abort.

We can reasonably assume that the Iranians have some station near Kandahar Airport that is listening to all military radio traffic there. They had four years to analyze the radio signaling between the ground operator and such drones. Even if that control signal is encrypted pattern recognition during many flights over four years would have given them enough information to break the code.

Iran will take care to hide the drone well as the U.S. would likely try to destroy it if its location was known. When the Chinese collected parts of a stealth F-117 stealth plane that was downed in Yugoslavia the U.S. bombed their embassy in Belgrade.

Having acquired only a slightly damaged state of the art stealth drone, Iran would be able to replicate its technology and find new counter-measures against drones. There would also be a lot of interest in the technology and construction from other nations. We could safely assume that military attaches from the Russian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani and other embassies are already queuing up in the Iranian Defense Ministry, ready to make some very tempting and lucrative offers.

Copyright applies.

Hezbollah downs Israeli Done

RQ-170 'Sentinel' Surveillance Drone
RQ-170 'Sentinel' Surveillance Drone

Israeli Intelligence Confirms US Drone Hacked and Captured
by staff report via gan - Debka Friday, Dec 9 2011, 8:00am

Iran exhibited the top-secret US stealth drone RQ-170 Sentinel captured on Sunday, Dec. 4. Its almost perfect condition confirmed Tehran's claim that the UAV was downed by a cyber attack, meaning it was not shot down but brought in undamaged by an electronic warfare ambush.

This is a major debacle for the stealth technology the US uses in its warplanes and the drone technology developed by the US and Israel.

The state of the lost UAV refutes the US military contention that the Sentinel's systems malfunctioned. If this had happened, it would have crashed and either been wrecked or damaged. The condition of the RQ-170 intact obliges the US and Israel to make major changes in plans for a potential strike against Iran's nuclear program.

Earlier Thursday, Debkafile reported:

The Obama administration's decision after internal debate not to send US commando or air units into Iran to retrieve or destroy the secret RQ-170 stealth drone which fell into Iranian hands has strengthened the hands of the Israeli faction which argues the case for striking Iran's nuclear installations without waiting for the Americans to make their move.

Senior Israeli diplomatic and security officials who followed the discussion in Washington concluded that, by failing to act, the administration has left Iran not only with the secrets of the Sentinel's stealth coating, its sensors and cameras, but also with the data stored in its computer cells on targets marked out by the US and/or Israeli for attack.

Debkafile’s military sources say that this knowledge compels the US and Israel to revise their plans of attack for aborting the Iranian nuclear program.

Like every clandestine weapons system, the RQ-170 had a self-destruct mechanism to prevent its secrets spilling out to the enemy in the event of a crash or capture. This did not happen. Tehran was able to claim the spy drone was only slightly damaged when they downed it.

The NATO spokesman claimed control was lost of the US UAV and it went missing, a common occurrence for these unmanned aircraft.

The enigmas surrounding its capture continue to pile up. How did Iran know the drone had entered its airspace? How was it caused to land? Most of all, why did the craft's self-destruct mechanism which is programmed to activate automatically fail to work? And if it malfunctioned, why was it not activated by remote control?

Thursday, Dec. 8, The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported that from Sunday, Dec. 4, when Tehran announced the stealth drone's capture, the Obama administration weighed sending special commando forces into Iran from bases in Afghanistan to bring the downed aircraft back to Afghanistan or blow it up to destroy the almost intact secret systems - either by a sneak operation or by an air strike.

Iranian officials said the drone was detected near the Iranian town of Kashmar, 200 kilometers from the Afghan border and presumably moved to a military or air base inside the country. The NYT disclosed that the special force would have used "allied agents inside Iran" to hunt down the missing aircraft, the first time Washington has admitted to support from "allied agents" operating covertly in Iran.

In the end, the paper quoted a US official as explaining that the attack option was ruled out "because of the potential it could become a larger incident." If an assault team entered the country, the US "could be accused of an act of war" by Tehran.

The Obama administration's internal discussion on how to handle the loss of the high-value reconnaissance drone was followed tensely in Jerusalem. The decision it took against mounting a mission to recover or destroy the top-secret Sentinel was perceived in Israel as symptomatic of a wider decision to call off the covert war America has been conducting for some months against Iran's drive for a nuclear bomb – at least until the damage caused by RQ-170 incident is fully assessed.

A senior Israeli security official had this to say: “Everything that’s happened around the RQ-170 shows that when it comes to Iran and its nuclear program, the Obama administration and Israel have different objectives. On this issue, each country needs to go its own way.”

© 2011 DEBKAfile

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