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'Tracebook,' social media and Privacy
by stacy Tuesday, Jan 3 2012, 7:13pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

Indeed, "Tracebook" is the pet name Australian police and agencies have given Facebook, as it functions as the most efficient (personal and social) information gathering tool in existence today. Who would have thought that almost an entire generation would willingly and openly publish highly personal information about themselves and their movements for the WORLD, CIA and other agencies to mine and use -- in most cases against the people mindlessly volunteering such information.

Desperate social network users should be aware that they are CAPTURED and all the information/data they have voluntarily surrendered now belongs to others including some of the most nefarious organisations on the planet. A regrettable situation since the draconian 'indefinite detention' provision was passed into 'Law' -- physical apprehension is now simply a formality, you mindless morons.

You no longer own the personal data you published about yourself and you have no-one to blame but your monumental STUPIDITY, screaming desperation and lack of foresight -- where the fuck did YOU think it was all going?

Real friends are REAL PEOPLE and though the availability of secure means of communication is rapidly diminishing, numerous methods remain for intelligent people to communicate necessary information securely and PRIVATELY!

For all the bells, whistles and digital baubles of social networking packages, not one intelligent person I know uses social networking sites -- how much more does that apply to dissidents, activists, terrorists and others that actively oppose the powers that be?

So better luck next time CIA dumbarses, all you have captured are the mindless MORONS and slaves already captured by the traditional mass media. You are also probably aware you have helped create a rapidly expanding ANONYMOUS, digital UNDERGROUND army dedicated to the downfall of the criminal elites for whom you mindlessly work; I bet the criminal elites are 'happy' with that OUTCOME, morons! A final message to the nefarious criminal elites; of late you have only been able to attract 5th rate digital talents of low moral character, therefore you are only able to achieve 5th rate outcomes. KNOW that the Uber elite is beyond your grubby reach. Also, be very aware YOU are going down, surer than the setting sun. O, and thanks for doing all the heavy lifting, dumbarses!

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