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Gillard: Oz jobs culled by high Aussie Dollar?
by baz Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 7:05am
national / social/political / commentary

According to Washington doormat PM, Juliar ‘Goldman Tax’ Gillard, the cause of local job losses is the high Aussie dollar not the despicable policy of Corporations (she serves) heartlessly dumping workers at the slightest whim. Oz workers are expected to be loyal, slave for corporations and endure reduced benefits, wages and conditions – their reward for making personal sacrifices their mangers and directors are loath to make, is the sack.

Incompetent JuLIAR Gillard
Incompetent JuLIAR Gillard

Workers are constantly told they must compete with Indian and Chinese workers who work like dogs for a bowl of rice, while bosses and directors show no restraint and shower themselves in HUGE salaries, benefits and bonuses. Well, Ms Gillard, ‘you can’t fool all of the people of the time;’ Australia is not the third world and Aussies have no intention of competing with traditional slave cultures!

Rather than address wealth disparity and inequity and the OBSCENE PROFITS foreign Corporations take off-shore, Gillard attempts to hide behind the high value of the dollar as the cause of job losses; furthermore, she predicted that the value of the dollar would in all likelihood remain high for years. So currency and employment problems must be addressed!

The safest and surest solution, as China has demonstrated by winning the globalisation war, is to control the value of your currency and set the most appropriate rate according to various economic forces. This is a PROVEN method of dealing with unemployment and remaining competitive.

Maintaining control of local currency ensures that sovereignty is not forfeited to rogues and speculators, furthermore it effectively castrates Wall St’s influence in local economic affairs. However, a number of pre-conditions apply prior to successfully regaining control of the dollar and they are ECONOMIC and POLITICAL COMPETENCE, neither of which Howard, Rudd or Gillard have demonstrated. The last three Prime ministers have ALL excelled in taking orders and unquestionably serving the criminal United States, regardless of which Wall St PUPPET holds office in Washington.

Never forget that all Oz wealth and resources belong to the people not the rapacious Corporations and our competitiveness on the world stage is determined by COMPETENT politicians NOT currency speculators or incompetent, Washington DOORMAT prime ministers! I would add that elected government officials are traditionally charged with REGULATING the Banks and the Corporations NOT taking orders from amoral, profit-only-driven CEOs and directors. Neither of the two major political parties have the wherewithal to successfully lead the sovereign nation of AUSTRALIA that fact is painfully evident today.

And if local politicians continue to demonstrate servile attitudes to FOREIGN powers they will be dealt with in the harshest possible manner in the not too distant future.

Go Oz!



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Expendable -- Westpac BANK to Sack Hundreds of Loyal Staff
by Stephen McMahon via fleet - Herald Sun Wednesday, Feb 1 2012, 8:54pm

WESTPAC, one of Australia's BIG four Banks, has no MORAL or rational justification for shedding hundreds of loyal staff as its profits remain very high indeed.

How many times have hard working Aussies heard Corporate expressions of convenience "rationalisation" and "restructuring" to excuse and camouflage UNJUSTIFIED TERMINATIONS?

This is the WAY Banks and Corporations REPAY loyal staff, take note! If we allow ourselves to be divided and treated like beasts of burden to be cast on the heap any time directors wish then expect more cullings and deplorable inequities and conditions. We needn't mention that directors are NEVER culled in this manner. Well, what is good for the goose is surely good for the gander.

Is it not time that Banks and Corporations were MADE AWARE of just WHO it is that keeps them afloat and profitable? Surely it is high time profitable organisations were re-educated and learned to appreciate and VALUE their STAFF!

Forget unions they are clearly corrupt and work for management though they pretend otherwise. All workers/staff in all organisations must form their own internal mechanisms to oppose outrageous managerial decisions and maintain fair conditions and wages -- THAT SIMPLE, either do it or be screwed!

If you are incapable of saving/representing yourselves then who do you expect to save you?

Clearly the banks and corporations must be taught a little lesson -- WORKER SOLIDARITY and 'go slow' procedures until they learn to VALUE their WORKERS.

Finally, if YOU are UNABLE to save yourselves then you clearly are NOT worth saving and DESERVE to be CULLED.

Report follows:

ABOUT 200 jobs are to be axed at Westpac's Melbourne operations as the bank moves to shed more than 550 jobs across the country in a bid to protect profit levels.

The Financial Services Union has attacked the job cuts as an attempt to make rich investors even richer with little thought for employees.

Banking analysts expect that up to 7000 jobs are likely to be slashed from Australia's banking sector as sluggish demand for debt hits home.

The big four banks pocketed a combined profit of $24 billion-plus last year.

A series of meetings in Melbourne and Sydney are being held today to outline to staff the job cuts, which are expected to be focused on IT and back-office jobs and be completed within the next four months.

The bank plans to relocate about 150 jobs offshore.

"These jobs are being sacrificed at the altar of profits,'' FSU spokesman Leon Carter said.

"This is simply to appease the fools in the analysts community. Unlike the car sector, the banks are making a profit and these jobs don't need to go.''

Last month, ANZ announced 131 employees in Victoria would lose their jobs.

Several hundred more jobs will be shed from the Melbourne-based lender in the next six months, ANZ's chief of Australian operations Phil Chronican said.

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