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Washington ‘blew it’ with Gillard
by baz Thursday, Feb 2 2012, 11:01pm
international / social/political / commentary

After backstabbing former PM, ‘show pony, do-nothing, hair dryer,’ Kevin Rudd, who it seemed decided to make some decisions for himself -- earning the ire of Murdoch and the White House in the process -- the powers, unaccustomed to their servile puppets in subjugated colonies not doing what they’re told, arranged for Gillard to replace Rudd, Roman Senate style.

Rudd an Gillard, two bereft, servile, political Dunces
Rudd an Gillard, two bereft, servile, political Dunces

However, leaders MUST at least APPEAR to lead and maintain the charade that the nations they lead are independent and not ruled by external self-serving, commercial/Corporate interests or FOREIGN powers – an area in which Gillard failed MISERABLY!

Her servile, bobbing pigeon head/neck almost broke delivering her gushing/sucking speech to the US Congress, a speech that will go down in Oz infamy. To add to that shameful display of SUBSERVIENCE, Gillard then dutifully approved the establishment of F-I-V-E full scale (nuclear armed) US military bases on Oz soil, from which war-crazy America could attack China, notwithstanding that those bases would EARN Oz PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET status -- thanks heaps, Ms Gillard, you treasonous bitch! This she did on orders from her Washington masters without so much as a Parliamentary DEBATE or MANDATE from the PEOPLE, who might have something to say about such an INSANE, compromising, gesture of COMPLIANCE.

This lunatic act of SERVILITY to the US actually alarmed observers in Washington who perceived that they may be moving too fast for the local culture; they assessed correctly for once and instructed Gillard’s Defence Minister Stephen ‘kneepads’ Smith, to make a LUDICROUS, knee-jerk public announcement that Australia has never had foreign bases on its soil; he hoped by designating these bases as “joint facilities” – lol – his facile semantic trick would dupe the Oz population; you pathetic, clown, Smith, this ain’t uneducated America!

As if the above political acts were not enough to destroy any local party, Labor leader, Gillard then dutifully and in the most UNDEMOCRATIC manner – a huge taboo in Oz – IMPOSED a Goldman Sachs BANKER designed Carbon Tax on the population, assisted by her sodomite political ally, Bob ‘poop pusher’ Brown of the Greens! I mean, fair fuckin’ go, what’s this place coming to?

Gillard has now EARNED her infamous place in Oz history as the most INCOMPETENT, unrepresentative, unpopular, reviled PM Oz has ever known, not a bad effort for such a short jaunt in office.

Now comes the best part; the lack-lustre, bereft of any creative ideas/policies or LEADERSHIP skills Labor Party is actually considering supporting KNOWN loser, ‘show pony’ Kevin 'do-nothing' Rudd in a leadership challenge -- we've seen this movie before!

This is what happens when the PEOPLE FAIL to elect REPRESENTATIVE leaders to office -- from Hawke/Keating through Howard, Rudd and Gillard, all we have had are ‘custard-faced, knee-walkers,’ trying to outdo each other at sucking Washington. And for those that imagine Jesuit trained mad dog and Corporate LACKEY, Tony Abbott, is a better option – think again!

If you wish to return this COMMON-WEALTH to the people then elect REAL REPRESENTATIVE leaders to office. And if leaders attempt to renege or backflip on pledges ‘tear the House down’ in PASSIONATE PROTEST.

AUSTRALIA, given its new, incredibly important strategic status in the world TODAY is ready – WITH COMPETENT, INDEPENDENT LEADERSHIP -- to become the fulcrum of GLOBAL power and the mediator between East and West, including international currency trading in the yuan; not a platform from which a war crazy, FOREIGN nation can launch an attack and get us, Aussies, (not Americans) blown to kingdom come!

We advise all prospective Oz leaders to study the clever political manoeuvring of Marshall Tito and other astute politicians of small, strategically important nations – and never to let a political OPPORTUNITY like this go begging AGAIN, you lame, GUTLESS, dunces!

[Please note, Oz political events mentioned above follow a thematic not chronological order, nevertheless all events referred to are now part of the historical record.]

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