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Chinese Poet gets 7 Years for using Aussie Political Slogan
by quin Saturday, Feb 11 2012, 10:50am
international / social/political / commentary

Unrepresentative Government is Blight on Any Society

Some years back a popular Australian 'socialist' leader, Gough Whitlam -- who was later deposed by the CIA -- took office against the odds using the slogan, "It's Time." The advertising agency that helped propel Whitlam to power would be pleased to learn that their slogan still packs a political punch and puts fear in the hearts of unrepresentative, minority governments.

Zhu Yufu
Zhu Yufu

Chinese dissident, Zhu Yufu, was recently handed a seven year jail sentence for using the slogan in a poem, "It's time, Chinese people! It's time. The Square belongs to all."

Jailing poets is probably the most accurate indicator that an unrepresentative minority government is facing inexorable CHANGE by social forces beyond its control; jailing poets CREATES dissent and rebellion not extinguishes them! Why? Because subliminally the people know that poets express/give voice to their inner feelings and desires. Good poetry has UNIVERSAL APPEAL for those very reasons and I ought to know!

The world is not only healed by poetry its conscience is pricked when it forgets important human rights and moral issues. Western writers and poets are currently in a uproar over America's new draconian indefinite detention (without trial or charge) Law -- unknown to most is the fact that the US has secretly envied China's authoritarian centralist government since the neocons and the Bush regime!

So it is with the same voice as Zhu -- ALL poets speak with ONE voice across all cultures -- that I articulate a message to all unrepresentative governments everywhere; you cannot succeed! "The Square" not only refers to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, it refers to the four quadrants or four corners of the entire WORLD!

The TIME and half-time is upon all governments everywhere -- the people are ONE and if governments wish to endure they should begin to reflect the wishes of the majority, not rule on behalf of CORRUPT minority elites.

Zhu's poem follows:

It's Time

It’s time, people of China! It’s time.
The Square belongs to everyone.
With your own two feet
It’s time to head to the Square and make your choice.

It’s time, people of China! It’s time.
A song belongs to everyone.
From your own throat
It’s time to voice the song in your heart.

It’s time, people of China! It’s time.
China belongs to everyone.
Of your own will
It’s time to choose what China shall be.

(Translated by A. E. Clark)

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