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Delusionists Expect Justice in a Thoroughly Corrupt World
by nano Tuesday, Feb 14 2012, 11:03am
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What legal tidbits have made news recently? The appalling miscarriage of justice regarding the sentence handed down to a convicted civilian killing US marine, three months and no jail time! The offender was directly involved in the infamous Haditha massacre; women, children and other unarmed civilians were herded together and deliberately shot in the back of the head by murdering US marines. This travesty is but one of many involving the US military that routinely terrorise, rape and murder innocent civilians and others in occupied countries.

Assange and Robinson
Assange and Robinson

Perhaps the CIA Drone war on civilians qualifies for gross illegality status; the CIA is not protected by military conventions covering warfare, it remains a civilian spy organisation yet it murders innocents with impunity almost daily with Drone strikes.

However, the most outrageous legal travesty/injustice to date is passing the NDAA indefinite detention provision into law. Obama has given the clearly corrupt military the right to detain anyone it pleases on suspicion, yes the same military that virtually exonerated Haditha war criminals.

Wall Street rogues and Bankers recently settled massive fraud charges by ‘special arrangement’ with Washington. Obama, by accepting the deal has allowed Wall St criminals to avoid proper investigations for massive fraud and other irregularities, which resulted in the collapse of the global economy.

Should we also mention the many war crimes NATO committed in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkans?

With these inglorious examples of corruption and injustice in the world today dreamboats are expecting justice for Julian Assange and Bradley Manning -- not a snow-flake's chance! The hard reality is, anyone that openly opposes or compromises criminal elites gets nailed one way or the other; but if you play along, preferential treatment is extended regardless of the heinous nature of the crimes committed.

Dreamboats and idealists interested in participating in the lost cause of justice, are invited to attend a public forum to discuss the implications of the Assange case, scheduled for Friday 17 February, 6pm at UTS campus, Sydney.

The panel will include Assange’s mother, for some reason, lawyer Jennifer Robinson, the “pretty one,” as Assange calls her, historian Humphrey McQueen, Scott Ludlam, Greens senator and former SBS broadcaster and journalist Mary Kostakidis, chairing the proceedings. I may also attend myself -- the mere threat of that unlikely event is sure to pack the room with ASIO, ASIS and other foreign agents.

And don’t forget, everyone in attendance will be recorded by security cameras, whether you like it or not! So be sure to wear your Groucho Marx mask or hoody. For further information contact, Linda Pearson 0401 511 588 or Anne Picot 0404 090 710 and don’t tell them who referred you.

Keep your dick in your pants, Julian -- they won’t/can’t let you get away with it, but you knew that before you played. I still don’t trust any ‘gifted hacker,’ unwashed and broke one minute, a millionaire and notoriously famous the next! Overnight, 'spontaneous' success/fame is suss (Otpor and Occupy) at the best of times; it was all just too neat and fast. But good luck ol' bean, it's time for my 'martini,' you wanker!

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