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Criminal Ruling Elites Own All Western Democracies
by quill Wednesday, Feb 15 2012, 9:49am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

It’s time to Remedy the Situation

As minority criminal forces frenetically pursue war with Iran via their appropriated state and corporate apparatuses; the Pentagon, Judicial System, UN, partial Hague Courts and corporate mass media, I am reminded of the lunatics that nefarious elites place in power to do their biding -- Obama, Cameron, Gillard, Sarkozy, Merkel to name a few.


Remember John McCain and the little ditty he sang when he was running for the presidency, ‘bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran;’ he hoped it would enhance his chances for office? Today we have the serving Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, laughing in a media interview to the nation/world and gloating over the illegal summary execution of unarmed at the time, Libyan leader, Col. Gaddafi. Who could forget her sick infamous comment, ‘we came, we saw, he died?’ Clinton has displayed more sociopathic tendencies and blood lust than her predecessor Condi ‘give war a chance’ Rice. Clinton seemed oblivious to the fact that her comment was about as popular as a piece of dog shit on the end of a stick! However, the owned mass media buried Clinton’s disgraceful comment soon after assessing its unpopularity.

A recent piece posted to this site, highlights a litany of crimes and draconian social measures to strip citizens of the last vestiges of their rights. From US marines given a slap on the wrist for heinous war crimes to the indefinite detention law passed by puppet Obama, it doesn’t get much worse -- experienced commentators view the current situation as dire. However, few outline VIABLE alternatives for the people.

It doesn’t take genius to determine that criminal elites utilise money to corrupt everything that could potentially offer resistance to their dastardly plans. The most powerful weapon elites have at their disposal is their ill-gotten wealth. The remedy immediately presents itself, SEPARATE the criminal elites from their money by returning ALL the Banks to the people via nationalisation and then regulate the Corporations with appropriate taxes and other restrictions. These remedial measures are easily achieved via mandates from the people after free and fair DEMOCRATIC elections that return REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY to political capitals throughout the western WORLD.

It really is that simple, representative politicians empowered by mandate RECLAIMING their nations for the PEOPLE. The people are simply required to exercise their democratic prerogative and VOTE representative INDEPENDENTS into Office!

Tolerating yawning wealth disparities and/or powerlessly accepting gross social injustices and inequities is simply INSANE! We all know what we must do; this action/option is available to EVERYONE of voting age. So when next you hear anyone whine about the current state of political affairs remind them that they have the power to rectify the situation and restore representative democracy to their nations!

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