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It's About Priorities
by eve Tuesday, Feb 21 2012, 8:51pm
international / environment / other press

Never lose sight of the - real - important aspects of life.

War is NOT a priority, what is it good for, NOTHIN' ?

It serves minority criminal elites ONLY, at great cost to the planet and innocent human lives. It is TIME the people of the GLOBE learned that UNITY and friendly relations offer the only hope for future survival. AMERICA'S insatiable greed, permanent war doctrine and divisive ways are anathema to every living thing in this UNIVERSE -- make NO mistake, the plague on the planet that is indefinite detention, civilian killing, AMERICA must be ELIMINATED if the world hopes to live in peace, freedom and harmony.

The video below reminds us of the REAL VALUES of human life and all other life on this beautiful, fragile planet. The next time you hear the screeching sounds of lunatic warmongers, reflect on the images in this video and then take a walk in nature and release yourselves from the mind control and poisonous propaganda of the sociopathic ruling elites that destroy EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH.

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