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Disturbing Implications: Something in the Air
by Ibis Tuesday, Sep 12 2006, 6:37am
international / environment / commentary

‘Siberia and today’s arctic regions of Canada will be the future breadbaskets of the world.’ I read this forecast in the sixties and immediately scoffed at the prediction. The guy who made these predictions is either nuts, a charlatan, or both, I thought. The regions referred to are renowned for their permafrost, and aside from some mosses, lichens and ‘summer’ grasses, there is no way those areas could yield a viable supply of food for “the world” – that was then!

Edgar Cayce (1910)
Edgar Cayce (1910)

My jaw dropped when this evening’s news reported the massive thawing of the permafrost in Siberia. Associated with the thaw is the release of thousands of tons of methane into the atmosphere, which is having the unfortunate effect of exacerbating global warming. Global warming is now a runaway train; the effects will shrink into insignificance the tragedies and ‘important issues‘ of our time, ‘terrorism’, 9/11 fraud, the economy and criminal government.

The above prediction is one of many made by the so-called “sleeping prophet”, Edgar Cayce, who has the highest accuracy rating of any prophet ever recorded – his cures stand as testaments to his uncanny gift. In the same group of prophecies is the most disturbing of them all – not global nuclear war, though some cities will succumb to nuclear attacks, but the axis of the planet shifting, “pole shift” as he called it. The implications of this event are too horrific to entertain as the “shift” will not be a gradual process but an abrupt rotation. I can just picture all the oceans of the world sweeping across the continents as the earth finds a new equilibrium. The resulting loss of life defies the imagination. The date of this fateful prediction is 2012, which is also a significant date on the Mayan calendar!

[The 'calendar date' given by Cayce for pole shift was 2001; however, it should be noted that western linear (two-dimensional time) is incapable of pinpoint (calendar) accuracy, as events in ‘future time’ involve a host of other factors in constant mutually effective PROCESS in the 'present!' Real time is multi-dimensional and a multitude of other factors are involved in locating an event in 'multi-dimensional time’. A very brief description of two opposing cultural appreciations of ‘time’ follows:]

A strange sense of foreboding over the news report is only matched by the mind-boggling actuality that time, as we know it does not exist! The ‘future’ in our linear appreciation of time should not exist; it would therefore be impossible to forecast anything other than consequential events such as rolling a boulder from the top of a mountain and making a consequential prediction that it would reach the bottom. But the proof is in the news/my face and accentuated by the fact that the original predictions were made in the first half of the 20th century when global warming was unknown. So much for Western 'civilised time’, it would appear that traditional Australian 'Aboriginal time’ is the actual reality – the past, present and future all rolling and moving as one continuum!

The transitory nature of existence and everything that western civilisation considers significant/important, money, the economy, war, life and death, become insignificant or meaningless! However, the most amusing aspect of the evening news was the following sequences; the stock market report depicting a bunch of Capitalist pricks spouting their destructive abstract values totally oblivious to the fact that it is their pursuits, Corporate greed and the associated waste products of profit driven Corporations that are destroying the planet. If 'realities' weren’t already creaking from the pressure of the REAL, cretinous G.W. Bush appears on screen blathering the most transparent propaganda regarding his failing military exploits and delusory tales of a war of the worlds/civilisations – would someone who really rules please give that idiot a pill and remove him to occupational therapy!

I recall when one symptom of global warming affected Sydney Australia in the form of a hail storm the magnitude of which dwarfed all previous records; tennis-ball size hail in seemingly endless supply battered Sydney. During this event I sheltered under a building-complex with other traumatised citizens – it was interesting to hear conversations immediately raise theological issues, the “wrath of God” and other primitive and limited explanations for the perfectly rational consequence of POLLUTION interfering with the balance of the natural environment – the “wrath of God” in this instance is simply ignorance and refusing to take the responsibility for OUR collective actions or inactions.

Modern religion is denial of reality in favour of irrationality and fantasy; it is the grandest irrational EXCUSE available. The disease of religion results in the inability to take responsibility for our own existence – and that includes every aspect of our environment and the responsibility we have for other forms of life on the planet. The God of pollution expressly stated that we are to “SUBDUE the earth”. The view of our traditional indigenous people is harmony, not violent disruption and rapacious destruction. The credentials of this subduing 'God' seem to be somewhat lacking as a God of life, peace and harmony.

Whatever is said and done now cannot reverse some major future events, that is sure; however, I would think it is time to STOP the continuing insanity. Ask anyone who has given up a bad habit, any bad habit, and they will tell you in a word, it ceases (STOPS) immediately.

Until such time that we re-assess our ‘values’, the ‘bed’ we have made for ourselves is sure to provide a horrendous, and in most cases, permanent sleep.

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