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"Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them" -- Joseph Heller
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Nation in Crisis
by tom Sunday, Mar 4 2012, 7:26am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Have you ever stopped and taken a GOOD LOOK at the current American leadership? Hillary Clinton, as Sec. of State, Panetta as Sec of Defense, Petraeus as CIA Director and of course Mr. Servile supreme, Obama, as puppet president! One overriding impression hits you immediately, what a bunch of LAME, INCOMPETENT, servile clowns.


Not one of these IDIOTS has ever had an original idea/policy in their miserable SERVILE lives, the entire Obama administration is pathetic BUT what is worse is the Republican runners -- my God, a nation on the ROAD TO RUIN!

This is what happens when you allow faceless minorities to constrain your political choices -- the CURE is simple, VOTE for a real MAJORITY REPRESENTATIVE, a true INDEPENDENT and boycott every candidate from all the major (owned) Parties. That advice applies to all western 'democracies' today!

What a bunch of hopeless, bereft, performing circus seals -- the standards have clearly hit the skids!


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The Perfect Presidential Candidate
by harry H Sunday, Mar 4 2012, 10:28am

Japanese scientists have discovered that a brainless slime is able to navigate a maze to locate food, while at the same time avoiding hostile exposure to environmental factors that could harm it!

It is hoped that micro-biologists and geneticists will be able to clone this primitive, brainless life form, put ears on it, adorn it with a necktie and call it the President of the United States -- it surely couldn't do any worse than the current crop of servile lackeys, imbeciles, morons and delinquents occupying the highest offices in the land.

See link for scientific report:

Professor Nakagaki with potential future US president
Professor Nakagaki with potential future US president

rage against the machine
by no more Wednesday, Mar 7 2012, 3:44am

You know, I watch a trailer for a film like this and I instantly get the message of what its makers are saying...

...and I'm also just as instantly speechless at the insanity and complete mental stupor required by these people to sit on their ass, wave a few signs, get all high and mighty, and through it all: continue to torture (and kill) their own children by feeding them to the beast and paying taxes to ensure it keeps happening to them and everyone else.

As a person who grew up in north amerika, I recognize the image that comes at 1:12: a meeting room (only) half full of overweight diabetic schmucks who have gathered to whimper and whine about how "the authority figure" should really do something for "their" kids.

For those just joining us, who might think me a bit harsh, go read John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of Public Education" for all the exciting details of how the current (dis)education machine ruling the US/UK/Canada/Australia was spawned from 19th century Prussia to rip children away from their parents at the earliest possible age and crush/stupify them into the ultimate factory workers and soldiers - expendable unthinking unquestioning consumer canon fodder.

Read it for FREE right here:

So. Bullying? Funding for your favorite After-School programs being "cut"? More complaints from the teachers unions over class size and teaching-to-the tests?

All complete BS. Ridiculous Distraction.

How about all you parents out there in la-la-land actually start giving a damn about the children that You brought into this world and Stop handing them over to a school system that fundementally Hates them and will do its hardest to crush every last shred of intuition, self esteem, and self-control out of them.

How about all you taxpayers out there simple Stop Giving Your Time/Money to the Machine that abuses and kills children.

It's a choice. Live or die. Support death or not. Follow the money. Turn the money off and it's over tomorrow.

Don't just think different, actually BE different.

Cut Your personal funding of this now. Take Your Power (and your children) Back.

For the record, I don't have children at this moment, but very much look forward to it.

I also have arranged my life as to Not pay taxes of any kind. I will not be responsible for the Death Machine and the mental castration of your children.

Everything is Your choice.

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