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It's About Social Control NOT Security
by trish Wednesday, Mar 7 2012, 8:11pm
international / miscellaneous / other press

TSA Body Scanners Flawed

American politicians constantly warn of the al-Qaeda bogey man and the threat posed to the USA by these mysterious media enemies. US citizens have been stripped of all their 'inalienable' rights by recent indefinite detention and extra-judical assassintion 'laws.' Totalitarian social control measures are now characteristic in the USA but few seem to notice and even less are willing to fight for their rights.

US presidents seem to relish in exercising their new monarchic executive powers to the extent of making very bad jokes about genital groping, 'pat-downs,' and civilian killing (imprecise) 'precision' Drone strikes on innocent children the State regards as terrorists.

Freedoms and civil Liberties have been erased at home in the name of "keeping us safe;" that slogan is now ingrained in the cultural conscious, as fear is a most efficient psychological weapon in the hands of social manipulators or propagandists.

However, the Corporate State's propaganda machine is severely flawed as are its products -- complete exposure is now a regular event as flawed, fraudulent and CRIMINAL apparatuses of State and machine are exposed routinely. The following video is yet another glaring instance of flawed 'security' measures that were implemented regardless of their design faults!

After numerous exposures of the 9/11 fraud, the illegalities of all US 'humanitarian' wars of plunder and the summary executions of disliked national leaders, the nature of the criminal game should be clear to everyone by now and the methods employed clearer still!

Easily compromised, faulty or inefficient (TSA) body scanners -- which security companies had already manufactured to order -- were installed regardless of the facile ease with which they could be defeated. However, the social control value of these technologies and the profound psychological enslaving effect they have on the population, took precedence over their advertised purpose and they were installed regardless! Watch and learn, and don't forget to have a nice terrified day with all the 'communists,' oops, I mean 'terrorists' (same old song) hiding under the bed -- I mean really, it's ALL so completely transparent!

According to the Constitution, no citizen can be deprived of privileges without "due process" or denied their right to challenge accusers in a public court of Law . Blow your criminal assassination policy out your black, Nazi arse, Holder, you failed Attorney General and thorough disgrace of a human being

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