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'Just following orders' -- (issued by Sociopaths).
by mitch Monday, Mar 19 2012, 9:37pm
international / peace/war / commentary

Everyone, including the President, is ACCOUNTABLE!

With the recent miscarriages of justice (legal travesties) of US war criminals in military court trials -- cases involving the cowardly, cold-blooded murder of innocent and defenseless women and children in foreign, occupied lands -- it becomes necessary to stir the public memory with the closing statements of our ONCE righteous and moral allies at the Nuremberg war crimes trials:

"... we do not punish one man for another man's crime. We seek to punish each for his own crime of joining a common criminal plan in which others also participated. The measure of the criminality of the plan and therefore of the guilt of each participant is, of course, the sum total of crimes committed by all in executing the plan. But the gist of the offense is participation in the formulation or execution of the plan.

These are rules which every society has found necessary in order to reach men, like these defendants [elite Nazi command] that never get blood on their own hands but who lay plans that result in the shedding of [innocent] blood. All over Germany today, in every zone of occupation, little men who carried out these criminal [atrocities] policies under orders are being convicted and punished.

It would present a vast and unforgivable caricature of justice if the men who planned these policies and directed these little men should escape all penalty." -- Justice Robert H. Jackson

The enemy is within, America! We have undeniably become what our forebears reviled and fought to eliminate; it is TIME to remove the Zionist Banker filth, its lobby front organizations and the Corporate elites behind all the modern wars and place them on trial for subverting our democracy, government and everything we have stood for as a NATION since our Independence!

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