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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place" -- George Bernard Shaw
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I Believe in the American Dream(world!)
by virgil Wednesday, Mar 21 2012, 12:48am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun regarding human folly, perversity and imbecility. Consider some headlines in today’s alternative newswires; “Afghanistan Massacre - No One Asked Their Names,” Well, of course they didn’t, the first rule of war is to devalue then dehumanise your enemy that way it makes it easier to piss on their corpses, burn their Holy books and rape/slaughter their women and children – you mindless morons, which universe have you been living in since the criminal USA publicly and officially announced that killing 500,000 innocent Iraqi children “WAS WORTH IT?

Is anyone really surprised that the same criminal Executive has now given its criminally corrupt, murdering military the power to indefinitely detain anyone they choose on SUSPICION? WAKE up fuckwits! Writing textual squeals without proper STRATEGIC backup elements is Alice in America-land denial, avoidance and fantasy. Journalistic squeals a decade too late do not an EFFECTIVE WEAPON make!

As a historian I am reminded of 30’s cabarets in Berlin, which forerun today’s alternative bloggers/press; various comedians and creative artists bravely but foolishly took the piss out of the Nazi hierarchy only to find themselves arrested, tortured and shot by the Gestapo a short time later – have another look at the new executive orders/LAWS puppet Obama just dutifully passed – even Americans should be able to figure where this nightmare ends -- just call me ‘meyer,’ if I don’t get it!

Another headline reads Ironies in American Justice and Political Cheerleading,” for Christ’s sake, Greenwald, the free world has been hanging on an Ironical Cross for the past decade but the use of the two words American and J-U-S-T-I-C-E, in the same title, what! Seriously now, please refer, if you are able, to the last historical instance that real Justice was served in America -- cup of tea anyone? Which party are we attending today, Glenn?

I wish I could remember a quote by one of the American criminal elite, to paraphrase he stated openly that:

“while we will do all the invading, killing plundering (implied) you people -- referring to cabaret comedians/bloggers -- write your commentaries and analyses; and while you’re writing we continue to ACT and effect (criminal) change!”

That’s the gist of it! So arrogant and blatant was the delivery of that message that it’s little wonder today’s alternative journalists 'comedians' have boxed themselves into the impotent existence of barking like powerless Chihuahuas! I am now thinking of the many poets, authors, artists and naïve idealists that picked up a rifle and fought fascism in the short-lived, Spanish civil war; but they too had a very rude awakening and were comprehensively defeated.

Get ready dreamboats, the foolish modern 'cabaret comedians’ that have NOT taken proper precautions will go the way of so many idealistic naively brave (fuck)wits of the past!

However, EFFECTIVE MEANS EXIST whereby criminal elites are easily defeated but it’s not writing IDIOTIC articles in the alternative press – FACE THE REALITY of mass media induced social paralysis, and plan semiotic attacks that corrode the propaganda apparatus of the criminal elites – and that does NOT include naïveté or NOT facing the REALITY of the day!

For fuck’s sake, US/NATO criminals have recently committed the most OVERT criminal travesty, masquerading as a ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya; it almost defies belief that anyone could fail to see the real agenda behind the farcical 'humanitarian' pretext, which was regime change, including the criminal summary execution of Gaddafi, “we came, we saw, he died,” the installation of a puppet government of criminals, à la Kosovo style; the establishment of a western controlled Reserve Bank (debt slavery) and of course the PLUNDER of Oil resources. Theft, murder and civilian killing crimes on a grand scale yet those that should know better are constantly distracted from MAINTAINING FOCUS on any one HEINOUS criminal travesty and pursuing it to the end -- as was done successfully with the Vietnam war!

We should FOREVER be asking the US administration, after they stated to the WORLD that killing over 500,000 INNOCENT Iraqi children “WAS WORTH IT,” to elaborate – WORTH WHAT? WHAT WAS IT WORTH, Washington? A barrel of oil, you reprehensible, ungodly, INHUMAN, avaricious SCUM!

Force the criminals that control government to REVEAL themselves, it’s not difficult, I just did it, SEE! But the secret is unrelenting FOCUS on any one heinous crime – very soon this approach would reap rewards; it would become embarrassing even for the average American idiot denialist to pretend ignorance or defend their criminal executive and PERHAPS we could then rout the REAL criminals on Wall St and in Corporate boardrooms – by God, I just did it again!

The global majority are aware of the forces behind puppet western governments and the GLOBAL MAJORITY are acutely aware of the criminal tactics they employ, now get REAL -- be aware and beware and make every sentence a bullet to the brain of the MINORITY cabals behind ALL the wars and woes of the world today.

It may also be expedient to make ‘puppet politician’ the most dangerous job on the planet! FORCE the nefarious criminal elites from their backrooms. They are running scared NOW, even as I write. Every time they are identified as the criminal filth they are, their influence diminishes -- are you reading this, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the rest – choke on it!

Your demise is assured and INEVITABLE, simply because you are now unable to BUY the skill you require; the most skilled by instinct, OPPOSE you and everything you stand for – it’s over! You are no longer able to identify the forces that will bring you down. Even your hired brain, Brzezinski, is aware of this REALITY!

And we can't thank you enough for making digital money trees available for the plucking -- you see, you are your own worst enemies; YOU created the digital revolution and handed the elite few the means by which they could destroy YOU!

What's my/our names? LOL! I'll give you a hint, 'light years!'

Criminal Sociopaths Running the Country


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every time
by sophie Wednesday, Mar 21 2012, 9:12am

if you ever confront a doodle dandy that refuses to acknowledge the reality of the criminal American executive and the crimes it commits, just ask, what happened to the American Constitution? End of argument!

The nation has been hijacked by rogue criminal elements that consider the Constitution an irrelevant impediment to their criminal objectives.

Gatto kicks it oldschool
by yum Thursday, Mar 22 2012, 12:09am

Skip the first 15 minute "young dude" intro.


"The Ultimate History Lesson - John Taylor Gatto"

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