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by wisp Sunday, Apr 1 2012, 1:07pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

i yield
to u only
my eternal companion,
with ease
do i willingly

with joyful
i deliver my soul
to u alone

has never betrayed me
though lovers
come to
delight in torment
and torture

has never forsaken me
though i have been
cast adrift by fickle
companions fascinated
by the transient glitter
of sparks in the night

earthly lovers imagine
they have stolen the soul
i left in ur
safe hands

shelters me
through every storm
and tribulation the world
can muster
yet no harm ever befalls
me in ur safe harbour
and secret temple

what would i
be without u?

less than nothing
or worse, an identity,
a proud strutter
that seeks recognition,
consolation and constant

none of these foibles
assail my devotion
or perturb my ceaseless
adoration of u

i am reduced by
your radiance
to pure joy
a quivering candle flame
buffeted gently
by your divine breath

worldly wealth,
fame and honour
i reject, they only veil
you from me
and blur my
ecstatic vision
of your Being

it is better
i have no notion
of a separate self
from Love’s purity

it is better
to be reduced to naught
in Love eternal than
gain the acclaim
of the entire world

it is better to remain
in your secret garden
and drink ambrosia
from your chalice
than to imbibe
the adulation of
all humanity

like a child
seeking the security
of its mother’s arms,
instinctively i return
to my first, last
and only

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