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Deadly 'Armageddon' Virus Lab Creation Details to be Published
by Ian Sample via gan - The Guardian UK Tuesday, Apr 3 2012, 11:31pm
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How to cook up a plague in a few easy steps

It has been known for some time that monied ruling elites that subscribe to eugenics theory consider 500,000,000 souls (half a billion) the ideal GLOBAL population for humanity -- the earth currently has a human population of over 6.5 billion souls, so its goodbye to 6 billion people! Now consider, after reading the following report, the trouble and difficulty scientists encountered creating a mutant strain of an existing avian virus that could easily infect humans and one wonders who is behind this insane research and for what end this research was carried out.

H5N1 'bird flu' virion
H5N1 'bird flu' virion

Previous and current reports attempt to justify the research and creation of the 'Armageddon' virus on the basis that strains of the bird flu virus in the 'wild' carry various mutations similar to those intentionally created in the lab. However, this is a feeble justification as every research and lab scientist is aware that free or 'wild' environmental factors vary considerably from controlled laboratory conditions -- one never mimics the other.

We are left to face the hard reality that some specific interests, for reasons known only to them, have supported the research and creation of this deadly mutant virus, which took DECADES to develop, but why? The Rockefeller (known eugenicists) funded project of the creation of this lunatic virus is actually a bio-weapons project whether it is admitted or not -- what else would you call the creation of a pathogen which has the potential to kill the vast majority of human beings on the planet?

I would add that due to the controlled creation of this virus, a vaccine targeting the vulnerable human areas of infection is easily created! So there you have it, the possibility of a very sick and devastating outcome for the majority of innocent human beings on the planet while the privileged few have a vaccine!

However, steps should be taken NOW to absolutely ensure that the release of this virus does NOT occur. This is accomplished by threatening everyone involved with the creation of this monster virus with immediate DEATH/execution in the event of a release! And that of course includes the entire Rockefeller family and other shadowy groups involved in the material support of its creation. Responsible parties must live with the knowledge that they would be executed immediately -- no discussion -- if an outbreak were to occur. This threat would also act as a future deterrent to other lunatics with malevolent intentions.

Also, a REAL retaliatory threat must be based on real circumstances and readily achievable results. It is also scientific fact that approximately one third of humanity is naturally immune to any terrestrial plague, man made or otherwise, so the threat of execution for those responsible becomes an enduring REALITY.

Steps should be taken NOW to IDENTIFY ALL the shadowy groups behind the DEVELOPMENT of this virus and the institutions and personnel involved in its creation. One third of humanity is enough to ensure that a small percentage would see justice done!

Report from the Guardian follows:

A scientist whose work was deemed too dangerous to publish by US biosecurity advisers revealed for the first time on Tuesday how he created a hybrid bird flu virus that is spread easily by coughs and sneezes.

In a conference presentation that was webcasted live to the public, he detailed how his team created the deadly virus. Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin-Madison described experiments that pinpointed four genetic mutations enabling the virus to spread between ferrets kept in neighbouring cages. The animals are considered the best models of how the infection might spread between people.

In December the US National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB) called for sections of Kawaoka's work to be deleted from a paper in the British science journal Nature, amid fears that a rogue state might use the information to create a biological weapon.

The NSABB raised similar concerns over a paper by Dr Ron Fouchier at Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. That study, describing another mutant bird flu strain that can also be spread through the air between ferrets, is under consideration at the US journal Science.

The controversy over the papers triggered a crisis in science. Many researchers argued the work must be made fully public so it is available to other experts in the field, such as surveillance teams looking for emergent pandemic strains in Asia and elsewhere. Others said the work should never have been done, or that sensitive details should be shared only with a list of approved experts.

The advisory board reversed its stance on Friday after considering updated versions of the papers and a fresh risk analysis of the studies at a meeting at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC. The board unanimously approved Kawaoka's paper for publication in full, and gave the green light to Fouchier's work after a vote of 12 to 6 in favour. Neither paper had information removed for the review.

Bird flu is considered particularly threatening to people because more than half of the 600 or so people known to have caught the virus have died from the infection. Many scientists fear the virus could trigger a pandemic if it evolved into a form that spread rapidly.

The experiments by Kawaoka and Fouchier were designed to answer the question of whether the bird flu virus could pick up genetic mutations in the wild that would allow it to adapt to humans and spread rapidly like seasonal flu.

Speaking at a Royal Society conference on bird flu, Kawaoka and Fouchier claimed their work highlighted how easily bird flu could mutate into a form that would potentially be transmissible among humans. But their findings showed the mutant strains did not spread as swiftly as seasonal flu, and were not lethal to animals that caught the infection from a neighbouring animal. Both viruses could be controlled by antiviral drugs, such as Tamiflu, and bird flu vaccines, the researchers added.

Kawaoka created a hybrid flu strain by merging H5N1 bird flu with the "swine flu" virus that caused a pandemic in humans in 2009. Through a series of experiments in ferrets, he isolated a strain with four mutations that helped the virus latch on to and infect cells in the throat. One reason bird flu does not spread well between people is that it cannot bind to cells in the throat and nose, where it can be coughed and sneezed out.

Defending the work, Kawaoka said is was carried out in a high-security laboratory where all of the staff had been vetted by the FBI. The work was "important for pandemic preparedness" and emphasised the need for countries to stockpile vaccines to combat bird flu.

One of the mutations is already common in the wild, Kawaoka said, appearing in all 46 bird flu viruses isolated from people in Egypt between 2009 and 2011. "The risk is out there in nature," Kawaoka said.

The UK has a stockpile of 16,000 doses of the GSK bird flu vaccine, Pandemrix, which has a shelf life of three to seven years.

Fouchier told the conference he was unable to reveal full details of his own research because the Dutch government has imposed export controls on the information. His team created a mutant strain of H5N1 bird flu by infecting a succession of ferrets until a strain emerged that spread between animals housed in neighbouring cages. Ferrets that had already been exposed to flu viruses were not affected by the mutant strain.

Fouchier was unable to confirm the specific mutations that made the virus more transmissible, but said many had already been spotted in the wild. "Most of the mutations we found we can see in the field, and we are even seeing them in combination," he said.

"We are looking for strains of mutants that are associated with particular biological traits," Fouchier added. "Just as we want to predict tsunamis and earthquakes, we want to predict pandemics."

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