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Oz Church attacks State: Easter Message
by kris Thursday, Apr 5 2012, 9:40pm
international / theology / commentary

Finally, a Christian theologian with INTEGRITY! An Australian Archbishop has launched an undisguised attack against State powers/politicians, profiteering commercial interests and Banks.

While cynics may say the theologian is merely reflecting the sentiments of the VAST MAJORITY of Australians, this gesture is the first instance I can recall in decades of any theologian approaching the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Christian Saviour -- a man of conviction and an outstanding social reformer in the tradition of Gautama Buddha -- set an example for ALL his followers in THOUGHT, WORD and DEED -- the man truly lived what he taught!

And what an example he set for humanity; brotherly LOVE, communal sharing, SOCIAL EQUALITY, anti-elitism, anti-corruption and FREEDOM from all forms of OPPRESSION, theocratic and military -- Jesus preached freedom from ALL tyranny, including today's monetary debt-slavery!

For those who may have forgotten the simple anti-materialist message of Jesus Christ, a carpenter by trade, who marched to the capital of his thoroughly corrupt State to boldly admonish the ruling elite of his day and make a revolutionary statement regarding the false value systems prevailing at the time -- be reminded that Jesus usurped the PERVERSE authority of ruling 'priests' and ejected the money changers (bankers) from the temple!

Armed with nothing more than a soft whip, his personal INTEGRITY and the COURAGE of his CONVICTIONS -- and fully conscious of the consequences of his actions -- he boldly attacked prevailing commercial interests (money changers/banks) corrupt ruling elite theologians, and by consequence Rome's Imperial authority, and SUCCEEDED in transforming the western world in the process!

Hang your heads in SHAME gutless Christians in NAME ONLY and ALL reprehensible Christian theologians that avoid attacking the CAUSE of all our social problems today, debt-slavery and imperial WARS! Two easily remedied social diseases.

The Archbishop attacked servile to Corporations, Wall St and Washington, Oz politicians and informed them that the public sees through all their antiquated tricks/machinations and feeble rhetoric and is completely fed up, as the latest polls and elections clearly indicate -- are you reading this, disconnected Labor ostriches?

However, most Christians (reprehensible hypocrites) today, in stark contrast to the ACTIVE example set by their Saviour, who stated clearly that his life and actions were to be emulated, remain the largest group of immoral, PASSIVE (in the face of GROSS CORRUPTION, murder and shocking social injustices) COWARDS, wimps and SELFISH narcissists/hedonists on the planet!

Jesus was not a part-time practitioner or liar; let HIS and the example set by a Melbourne theologian today not be just another obligatory religious 'hand-wave' on religious occasions. ALL religions espouse the WAY of PEACE, LOVE and EQUALITY -- is it not time to reform our spiritually bankrupt and morally lost societies and restore JUSTICE and democracy, especially to the USA and other leading western nations?

Story from News Ltd. follows:

Easter roasting from bishops for 24/7 news, social media, banks and miners
by Holly Ife

Social networking and the 24/7 news cycle have made us tired of our politicians, the Anglican Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn says.

He said leadership had always been difficult and had become even more so in this era of Twitter and 24-hour media scrutiny.

''In this light, it is not surprising that polls point to higher levels of dissatisfaction with political leaders of all stripes. We tire of their quirks more quickly. Constant scrutiny shows up their human flaws more easily.

''Yet it seems that Australians are truly crying out for a different kind of leadership. We want national leaders who lead from the front and who uphold our trust and faith in them.''

Then in an Easter message sure to strike a chord with many parishioners, an Anglican Archbishop attacked the major banks for making massive profits at the expense of customers.

Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne, said Australia enjoyed a level of peace, stability, prosperity and equality that made it the envy of many countries in the world. However he claimed some major institutions and corporations needed a "reality check".

The Archbishop also used his Good Friday message to take aim at miners, who he believed were not sharing their wealth.

"The banks, for example, have failed to make an adequate case for increasing interest rates or making employees redundant when they have been making enormous and record profits," Dr Freier said.

"The mining sector, too, has shown it is reluctant to share a fair proportion of the wealth it has accrued from digging up resources that belong to all Australians."

He said the Occupy Movement was a response to the gap between the wealthy few and those left behind: "This is what happens when wealth creation becomes separated from moral and social responsibility."

Cardinal George Pell used his Easter message to encourage young people to fight the unavoidable struggle between good and evil, and practice self discipline and love.

He also said Easter should not be trivialised: "There is more to the season than the Easter Bunny and even more than Easter eggs as a symbol of new life."

© 2012 News Limited


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let's have it
by judas Thursday, Apr 5 2012, 10:17pm

OK then, let's arrest and place on trial for war crimes, mass murder, plunder and a host of other crimes against humanity PROVEN war criminals George W Bush, Dick Cheney and senior members of that administration, Tony Blair, John Howard and senior members of those administrations -- together they constituted the coalition of WILLING CRIMINALS -- a fact now widely known!

Go on, you can do it, you miserable Christian hypocrites and cowards -- dream on, kris - lol!

that's all it takes
by kris Thursday, Apr 5 2012, 10:28pm

an apt moniker, judas. that's all it takes to neutralize the masses, a nice piece of dirty, effective work. nevertheless, people like Martin Luther King are not uncommon ... times have changed, so too the means by which social reforms are undertaken and realized.

whatever happens, the next reform, which is inevitable, promises to be a doozy.

good luck judas, you didn't have much of that two millennia ago

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