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Banners and False Flags: ANONYMOUS Hacks China Gov
by lyx Saturday, Apr 7 2012, 10:54pm
international / mass media / commentary

It seems government sponsored armies of Chinese hackers just got a taste of their own medicine but I would sound a warning to all the younger crewz that various western criminal organisations such as the USAF and Washington gov are conducting attacks under the flags of foreign nations. This situation presents an opportunity for experienced members and a 'tread carefully' alarm for the inexperienced legions of 'scripters.'


While the US, Chinese and Russian criminal governments are the most criminally oppressive totalitarian regimes on the planet and warrant serious PERSISTENT hacker attack campaigns, they are not without some expertise; however, packet-kaos and attacking from a wide range of botnets presents safe untraceable approaches.

While the Uber elite concentrate on satellite hacking and major dbase/comms interventions on the ground, 'scripters' conduct 'linjections' and 'dnialz' en masse, which CLEARLY demonstrate that the 'man' is NOT in control of his own critical systems, LOL! Little wonder with 5th rate lamer personnel!

Need I remind the WORLD that the most secure agencies in the US and UK, FBI, CIA and Scotland Yard included, have ALL been seriously COMPROMISED by the ONLY FORCE on the PLANET today THAT PRESENTS ANY REAL THREAT TO RULING ELITES! u got that u gutless chicken-shits out there?

Now that we have blown the MYTH of government competence to smithereens and shattered the illusion that governments and their agencies deserve respect or their privileged positions, we would inform those CRIMINAL enterprises -- make no mistake in that regard -- that spliced (but active) fragments of code now roam the 'wild' undetected seeking their 'relatives' and combining on contact to form 'radicalware' with the capability to form entirely new directions and undefined tasks within preset parameters of course; I hope this is vague enough for morons but clear enough for elite coders to join the fray! Undetectable code designed to penetrate 'secure' networks and then combine inside those networks to wreak havoc, chaos but ever so subtly, and in some instances, destabilise critical control systems allowing for interventions on a massive scale -- flicking the off-switch is too gross and presents no challenge for elite crewz!

It was a stroke of genius fragmenting (veiling) active code to roam the wild in order for those fragments to eventually collide and form devastating NEW intuitive (in some cases unpredictable functions) code that 'seeks and compromises' but never 'destroys' until a conscious decision is made.

Now suck on that government agencies and allied government DUNCE brigades -- fair dinkum, your stupidity and incompetence knows no limits!

Also, be aware that the ridiculous FBI suggested uni-hacker 'challenge' recently conducted by Comms Minister Conroy and a major Telco in Oz only involved wet-behind the ears, extremely naive students, not the hacker elite or even one member of the legions of scripters you seek in Oz -- are you people really so INEPT and desperate that you imagined you would net anyone with any REAL talent with that very tired ruse?

With that said and on behalf of a concerned administrator, we warn you that these AUSTRALIAN kids, soon to arrive in the CRIMINAL US to collect their 'prize,' (for fuck's sake, c what i mean by naive?) are all Aussie citizens and have, lets just say influential parents, and unless you wish to create a political storm you would be advised to tread very carefully indeed -- we may even be forced to activate some dormant code in critical US systems if u abuse or harm any of our citizens, BE WARNED and advised, u are not dealing with moron slaves in Canberra now! Unlike the alienated US population, this is egalitarian Oz and we take care of our own down here! [And a message to your occupying troops; are you seppos aware that Oz has the highest per capita missing persons rate in the entire world? But we ALL like a drink and fuck don't we, morons?]

Greetz to the All the ANON crewz and salutations to the first.

We are MANY -- We are ONE -- We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Story from Oz SMH follows:

'Anonymous' hacks Chinese government sites

China was struggling Thursday to restore several government websites that international hacking group Anonymous says it attacked in an apparent protest against Chinese internet restrictions.

On a Twitter account established in late March, Anonymous China listed the websites it says it hacked over the last several days. They include government bureaus in several Chinese cities, including in Chengdu, a provincial capital in southwest China.

Some of the sites were still blocked overnight, with error messages shown.

Anonymous activists have defaced websites around the world. They are engaged in political causes, including opposition to the global clampdown on file-sharing sites and defence of the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks.

Some websites that Anonymous said it attacked were working Thursday, and government officials denied the sites were ever hacked. China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team was not available for immediate comment.

In a message left on one of the hacked Chinese sites -, a home page for Chengdu's business district - the hackers expressed anger with the Chinese government for restrictions placed on the internet.

"Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible, today websites are hacked, tomorrow it will be your vile regime that will fall," the English-language message read. "What you are doing today to your Great People, tomorrow will be inflicted to you. With no mercy."

The message also offered instructions on how to circumvent China's restrictions on internet access. The government tries to block internet users in China from seeing social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Information on politically sensitive topics is often blocked.

Copyright applies to external text.

[Do you wish to know how many Russian and American satellite systems have been compromised to date? You will learn respect, you vile criminal scum; KNOW this and KNOW IT WELL, the noose that WILL be placed around you stinking collective criminal necks would have been put there by the elite, ANONYMOUS digital warriors of the UNDERGROUND!]

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