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'Limits to Growth' Warning confirmed in latest Study
by dwayne Sunday, Apr 8 2012, 1:11am
international / environment / commentary

A recent study by Australian CSIRO scientist, Graham Turner, confirms that the world 'end game' scenario projected by an earlier (1972) MIT study is not only accurate but is ahead of schedule. The original study was commissioned by the Rockefellers and other eugenicists at the time. It verifies the end of the world as we know it if today's levels of consumption/'growth' are not drastically curtailed.

John D Rockefeller, pioneer eugenicist and visionary mass murderer
John D Rockefeller, pioneer eugenicist and visionary mass murderer

Influential eugenicists like the Rockefellers are now obliged to implement the next stage of their plan and immediately release their laboratory created pathogen and cull 6 billion human resource wasters from the planet -- don't worry we also have the vaccine! Ruling elite eugenicists have no choice as the masses have woken to their criminal ruling tactics of debt-slavery and perpetual war; however, nothing to-date has effectively impacted the exploding human population.

Left unchecked humanity will destroy itself and everything it has achieved in a very short space of time; it is incumbent on the Rockefellers and others capable of altering course, to do what MUST be done NOW, before the aware masses turn on ruling elites and hang them for the many humanitarian wars and other kind crimes committed against humanity!

Report from the Smithsonian follows:

Looking Back on the Limits of Growth
by Mark Strauss

Recent research supports the conclusions of a controversial environmental study released 40 years ago: The world is on track for disaster. So says Australian physicist Graham Turner, who revisited perhaps the most groundbreaking academic work of the 1970s,The Limits to Growth.

Written by MIT researchers for an international think tank, the Club of Rome, the study used computers to model several possible future scenarios. The business-as-usual scenario estimated that if human beings continued to consume more than nature was capable of providing, global economic collapse and precipitous population decline could occur by 2030.

However, the study also noted that unlimited economic growth was possible, if governments forged policies and invested in technologies to regulate the expansion of humanity’s ecological footprint. Prominent economists disagreed with the report’s methodology and conclusions. Yale’s Henry Wallich opposed active intervention, declaring that limiting economic growth too soon would be “consigning billions to permanent poverty.”

Turner compared real-world data from 1970 to 2000 with the business-as-usual scenario. He found the predictions nearly matched the facts. “There is a very clear warning bell being rung here,” he says. “We are not on a sustainable trajectory.”

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See PDFs for further details.

David Rockefeller, maintaining family honour and tradition today
David Rockefeller, maintaining family honour and tradition today

PDF Document limits.pdf
PDF Document limitstogrowth.pdf
PDF Document turnerlogrowth.pdf

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