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Corruption and the Selective War on Drugs
by baz Monday, Apr 9 2012, 10:23am
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There they were again, about a dozen young cops with their sniffer dogs sweeping the pub next to my friend's café. My friend always dreads when police sweeps coincide with one of my visits, he knows I have an acute sense of justice and fair play and am likely to undiplomatically voice my opinion.

As the group of very young police passed by the café with their ‘catch,’ two teenagers in possession of small amounts of pot, I snarled, “when was the last time you people did a surprise sweep of the ASX (Oz stock exchange) in the city?” A confident young cop replied, “we do all the pubs;” typical I thought, the moron thinks the ASX is a pub! “No,” I retorted, “the STOCK EXCHANGE, you know, buying and selling/trading stocks and shares, the entire city is aware it fuels on COCAINE as do the currency traders in the Big Banks?” “We’ll do it when we’re ordered,” the cop said. “You’d better hurry before the end of the world,” I replied, “I asked this question the first time I saw you handcuffing teenagers for pot possession, three years ago!” My friend could see the situation heating up and my blood beginning to boil, so he dragged me inside, me cursing and swearing political corruption all the way, making sure the pigs could hear every word as we entered his premises.

Former NSW Premier, Bob Carr, now foreign minister in the terminal Gillard carbon government, recently stated what everyone knows, that the war on drugs is an abysmal failure for society but a major boon for organised crime. Mr Carr’s brother died of a heroin overdose so he speaks with the authority of personal experience.

Consider the kids busted for pot by zealous pigs that never sweep the REAL white-collar hotspots for major hard drug abuse in the banks and stock market and the stigma of criminal records that will prevent many young students gaining good jobs after their studies. Consider also that our jails are overflowing with drug offenders, over 80% of inmates are incarcerated on drug related charges, including breaking and entering in order to obtain funds to feed habits and one begins to wonder at the level of political competence at State and Federal levels.

We could mention a former prime minister that LIED us into an illegal war which resulted in over one million civilian deaths enjoying his personal freedom to this day; justice demanded that the man should have been tried and jailed for treason and crimes against humanity. However, the pigs don’t go near the white-collar criminals at the top that have a symbiotic relationship with organised crime -- after all, the billions made in the illegal drug trade has nowhere to go but into selected pockets and into the mainstream market economy.

If this story gets enough exposure no doubt we will read about the police doing a surprise sweep/raid on the stock exchange and busting one or two traders disliked by their peers – what will be omitted however, will be the warning whispered prior to any raid taking place so the right people avoid an embarrassing situation!

Yes, it’s all so nauseatingly predicable and thoroughly corrupt here in Sydney, Australia; what’s the story in your city?

Of course the sane and practical approach is to legalise drugs and prevent a myriad of other social problems but be sure that crims will make calls and politicians will marshal the forces of the moronic religious right in order to prevent legalisation and maintain the corrupt, lucrative and deadly, illegal drug status quo.

Do you know what our politicians are obsessed with at the moment, a toxic, banker designed Carbon Tax, which they IMPOSED on the public for their masters, the Corporate and Banking sectors – make sense, does it?

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