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The Measure of a Reprehensible Political Criminal
by baz Tuesday, Apr 10 2012, 10:16am
international / injustice/law / commentary

John Howard Receives Honorary Doctorate

Some would remember, though most would prefer to forget, John Howard, former Oz PM and the third member of the coalition of willing criminals that led the illegal invasion on Iraq on behalf of Oil Companies and other vested Commercial interests. Today we know that that criminal enterprise resulted in over one million civilian deaths and four million displaced persons. Bush, Blair and Howard all LIED on record regarding the existence of WMD; Blair, in an effort to top the other two lying criminals, stated in parliament that Saddam could launch an attack on Britain in 45 of the most absurd minutes that modern history has recorded -- it was a surreal period in world history, one in which the law was completely subverted by a cabal of sociopathic elites and corporate criminals at the very top echelon of global society.

John 'Dr rodent' Howard
John 'Dr rodent' Howard

Little Johnny Howard was the junior figure in this criminal relationship, his role was to do exactly what he was told by Washington. His Lying contribution to the invasion was the ridiculous claim that Saddam Hussein was importing aluminium tubing to be used for enriching uranium for nuclear weapons, of course it was a flagrant LIE but not quite of the calibre of Blair's or Bush's LIES regarding the necessity of invading Iraq to save the world from destruction or more accurately, to steal the oil resources of Iraq at any cost in human lives.

I need not elaborate as the public domain is now awash with data and other compromising facts incriminating these three bungling criminals -- their lies and pathetic performances are all on record today for those who wish to research the matter.

With such an incriminating past one would think that staying out of the media spotlight would be prudent, however, sociopathology knows no such restraint.

In a speech delivered to graduating students today Howard, referring to the Australia-US alliance, stated that ''we have a very big and enduring relationship with the most peaceful and remarkable country mankind has seen - the United States.'' WHAT!

"Remarkable" maybe but "peaceful," in whose lunatic dreams? Nothing could be further from the truth, the US has been engaged in continuous warfare for over a decade and makes no secret of its permanent war doctrine!

Howard's statement was received with the incredulity it deserved and did nothing to enhance his already unredeemable reputation as the most cynical, scurrilous politician Oz has ever known. In fact, if it wasn't for the systemic corruption of the Hague and local courts, Howard would be serving time today for war and other crimes against humanity. The evidence available today proves beyond any doubt whatsoever that Howard is a criminal and CONSCIOUSLY entered into a criminal conspiracy to commit mass murder.

Australia's reputation and honour have been compromised by this reprehensible LIAR, racist and cynic and the sooner Howard is held to account for his crimes the better for the nation and the WORLD.

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