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Autumn Leaf
by stylus Wednesday, Apr 18 2012, 9:53am
international / prose/poetry / literature


i once quipped
to a disgruntled lover,
“i’ll write you a love poem
on an autumn leaf.”

(autumn, was intentionally

i took a leaf
from the ground
freshly fallen,
resting on top of
a carpet
of fallen leaves

i studied its
shape and form
its stunning syntax;
half dried half moist,
its pronounced veins
tracking across its surface
mapping its beauty,
once feeding every cell
and breathing pore

its serrated edge gave
it character, an identity
one of a kind
like no other before
or after --
nature ensures difference,
only foolish man
clings pathologically
to uniformity, routine --
and the ‘safety’ of
the known,
so foreign to nature’s

they whipped me
as a child
for being different
instinctively i recoiled
from the given.
then they tortured me
as an adult
for daring to cut
my own course

not content with abuse
and torture
they jailed me
hoping to rehabilitate
me and make me a
‘productive’ member
of their (dead) society.

my lover pulled me
to the ground
attempting to draw my focus
away from the exquisite beauty
which had captured
my attention

she could feel i was going,
freeing myself from the tedium
of the unreasonable

i had learned long ago
how to enter nature’s
secret chambers
and insulate myself
from the unreasonable,
the senseless horror
the needless pain
and futility of man’s
uniform, petty ways

she had learnt
to go for my cock
on these occasions,
her deft hands quickly releasing
my phallus and placing it
in her mouth
in one movement
she began her rhythmic
moving her crotch
against my body
while she engaged in her art

but i had already departed
tho my cock remained behind
and obliged her desires

i remained transfixed,
on the complexity
and beauty of that leaf,
which nature so easily creates
and discards
and began to laugh
at man’s 'great' works
of art housed in galleries
and museums around the world,
a tragic legacy
of an aberrant, vain
and arrogant species

all humanity's achievements
shamed by a leaf!

my lover smiled
the semen in her mouth
prevented her from

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