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Stand Corrected, Napoleon!
by cid Monday, Apr 23 2012, 5:41am
international / social/political / commentary

It was Napoleon Bonaparte who famously stated that China was the sleeping giant and to be aware of its inevitable awakening. However, Napoleon's perceptions were limited by the cultural consciousness of his time. China has awakened and is predictably threatening the balance of global power, but what's new? Nations rising and falling is an old story. THE SLEEPING GIANT IS NOT CHINA, but the PEOPLE, the GLOBAL POPULATION is the REAL SLEEPING GIANT today! People everywhere are sick and tired of corrupt governments and elite rule.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte

If Napoleon were alive today he would undoubtedly confirm this observation and recognize the power of boundary-smashing digital technologies.

The only other message I care to transmit is for the ruling elite -- your time has come, the veils have been drawn and the bright light of day shines on ALL your criminal machinations and vile, murdering, activities.

There is no way to avoid the JUST retribution that is about to befall you; I do not envy anyone one of you, regardless of all the stinking money you have stolen over the generations. Ask yourselves NOW, will your ill-gotten money buy you forgiveness, exoneration or immunity from the wrath of the people?

Some may not consider this report 'news' -- but news it is, more relevant than any other news story today -- the source of all the world's ills has been identified and the 'cure ' is just around the corner!

The elite were only ever able to survive while they managed well; however, the global economic collapse of 2008 and a host of other global political/social problems clearly indicate that elites have FAILED, they are no longer FIT or ABLE to rule (or survive).

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