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"Force always attracts men of low morality" -- Albert Einstein
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Midtones …
by quill Monday, Apr 23 2012, 11:45am
international / prose/poetry / literature

are not technically
they are scales,
the infinite
grey scales
between black and white

i am overcome by your
scent, zillions of olfactory
sensations pour into my brain
and awaken my desire

beware of simplifications,
good-evil, God-devil, etcetera;
nature’s INFINITE wonder
shames man’s feeble attempts
to reduce everything
to black and white

“you’re with us or,
you’re with the terrorists”

that infamous, moronic
made by the leader
of the world’s leading
civilian killing nation

who would or could fall for it,
i thought at the time;
surely the world is much wiser
than a baboon wearing a cowboy hat?

yet over a decade later
perpetual war is reality,
as was hoped by the reductionists
that scripted that imbecilic
binary slogan

a star-spangled
league of organised criminals
would have us all
believe their simplistic
explanations while they murder,
plunder and destroy --
somehow ‘right and wrong’
have been mysteriously excluded
from their lexicon of binary

in 600 BC
a poet greater than i
articulated a warning:
“but for the notion of good
there would be no evil;”

the message was/is clear,
polar opposites
define each other and
are locked in mutual antagonistic

ease urself onto
my manhood,
opposites locked in embrace
lose their antagonistic
agitation, forming ONE
body that gives rise
to many others.

how so, no-one believes
yet falls victim
to simplistic explanations?

i would relegate/vanquish all
such simple-minded slogans to
the realm of fools and imbeciles
in Texas and Washington
where a black white-man
swears black with white words
and deceives with a smile.

regardless of his polish
and delivery he too reads
from prepared scripts
written by the ‘us and them’
brigade –
the black white-man
delivers the same simplistic
and lies as did
his predecessor.

your proximity tantalises
while propriety
forbids your thighs
opening and
locking around my waist;

some binary oppositions
are more easily dealt with
than others,
it would seem.

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