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Mountain Valley
by ryall Tuesday, Apr 24 2012, 11:20am
international / prose/poetry / literature

(for pacar)

in the valley
of the waters
a tiny waterfall
releases it flow

playing tricks
on the mind
and eye;
water appears
as diamonds
tumbling over
catching the sun
refracting sparkles
to the back of the mind
arousing joy
in a bubbling heart,
giving always.

tiny birds hover
before my eyes
tweaking their heads
from side to side
talking bird talk
saying, ‘hello,
welcome to our valley
of wonders,
enjoy your stay.’

tears flow,
diamond waters
shoot tiny rainbows
through the valley
through my heart

crystal clean --
harsh worldly
find no home here.

the sound of
tiny tambourines,
water pelting rocks below;
chiming for you.

little water-bells
applauding, ringing,
urging you
to take the journey
with an open heart,
an open mind.

clouds float along
the valley floor,
up valley walls
engulfing me
then disappearing

another tiny bird
before me,
eyes inquisitive
searching my soul,
‘everything is ok’
it gestures
before darting off
into the trees.

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