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Assange's WT -- failure to address core issues
by xerces Wednesday, Apr 25 2012, 10:12pm
international / social/political / commentary

Assange's inept ability as a journalist was clearly evident in his last show (linked) but what is worse is confirmation of what many people suspected all along regarding a character who receives SUSTAINED, global mainstream press coverage. We should not forget that the corporate press portrayed Assange as a highly intelligent 'gifted hacker' -- however, no evidence verifying those claims has been forthcoming to date.


Perhaps the one single issue that earned Assange the ire of thinking individuals everywhere was his acceptance of the US government's official report on 9/11 -- the most bungled and OBVIOUS black flag operation in history!

Take another look at the collapse of WTC7, Julian, and don't even bother with the the Pentagon anomalies or the discovery by a Danish physicist of military grade nano-thermite at ground zero! Expert opinion is always sought by the Courts, Julian, seek some yourself from the Architects and Engineers or NY firefighters that know a thing or two about such things!

Your latest show, remarkable for skirting all the core issues like the controlling force behind both major US political parties, was a journalistic travesty; questions like, 'who do you support, Republicans or Dems ...', are you kidding?

Your Slovenian 'kurac' guest also avoided addressing core issues, while Horowitz played the predictable Zionist clown throughout.

Have you not noticed that 'Dem.' Obama is 'Rep.' Bush on steroids and that the status quo hasn't missed a beat since Bill Clinton? It matters not who gains office, ALL presidents do what they are TOLD by the ruling plutocrats!

Whatever doubts some people harboured, have been eliminated by Assange's latest abysmal show; your cred is zero, Julian, and people would like to know WHO THE FUCK YOU REALLY ARE, just another COINTELPRO -- who do you really work for, Mr Assange?

NIST report my arse!

RT will wake to the reality soon enough; you have lowered the bar for this polished, alternative news organisation.

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