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Gillard acquiesces to US demands
by bluey Friday, Apr 27 2012, 10:33am
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Oz pollies cave as Japan and other occupied Pacific nations turf US troops

Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir -- SPINELESS Canberra politicians WITHOUT a MANDATE from the people are accepting US occupying troops other nations are throwing out!

Marines urinating on dead Afghans
Marines urinating on dead Afghans

For the past decade America has been conducting civilian killing illegal wars of aggression around the globe, the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen to name a few; most of these wars have been waged under the guise of 'humanitarian interventions,' as none of these nations posed a direct threat to the USA.

However, for strategic and/or commercial (resources) reasons target nations were illegally invaded and occupied, including Eastern Europe, which now houses the largest US military base on stolen sovereign Serbian land -- thanks to piss-weak Russia and China allowing America and its puppet allies to run roughshod wherever they chose!

The one outstanding feature of America's 21st century wars and occupations is the horrendous civilian death toll -- we should NOT forget that most of these wars were conducted under the pretext of protecting innocent civilians. Instead, the reverse occurred, with brutish, moron America doing most of the civilian killing; the US is directly and indirectly responsible for mass slaughters of innocents in numbers not seen since the holocausts of the 20th century!

It is no secret why formerly occupied nations want American military forces and equipment off their soil permanently. The USA is now the undisputed leading civilian killing pariah nation of the world.

However, the primitive, moron American military has found a new home courtesy of servile politicians (of both stripe) in Canberra Australia; I would emphasise that that political arrangement does NOT have the support of the local population as the issue of becoming a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET was never taken to the people and NO MANDATE was given to the current government to allow FIVE full scale nuclear capable bases on OUR sovereign soil. Aussies, like people everywhere, deplore needless wars of aggression, plunder and wanton destruction for Corporate PROFIT.

The presence of nuclear armed US vessels and aircraft compromise Australian security to the HILT. Prior to these new occupation arrangements Oz was never a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET, but thanks to Washington compliant politicians in Canberra, the reviled Americans are now moving their universally loathed Pacific occupation forces to Oz -- it's enough to make Aussie patriots do things they would rather not. There is no way, excepting a majority mandate from the people, that Aussies could allow or welcome civilian killing yanks to occupy Oz. Gillard and any other servile Canberra politicians will pay dearly for their UNREPRESENTATIVE, treasonous actions, which have SEVERELY compromised our security in the region.

Allies are not obliged to be door mats, Gillard, you stinking, traitorous INCOMPETENT bitch; how dare you compromise the security of this SOVEREIGN nation and place the lives of its population in jeopardy without a MANDATE!

Report from the Herald Sun follows:

US to shift Marines to Australia

THE US said it would pull 9000 Marines out of Japan and redeploy them to Australia, Guam and Hawaii.

The move seeks to ease a long-running standoff over the future of the US' huge military presence in one of its top Asian allies.

Withdrawing troops was originally part of plans to move a busy US airbase on Okinawa to another area of Japan but US officials decided to separate the two issues due to ongoing opposition to the base relocation.

In a joint statement issued in Washington and Tokyo, the two sides said they remained committed to move the Futenma base from its present urban site to a coastal spot.

The relocation is being heavily resisted among many locals, who want to see the base moved out of Okinawa altogether.

The two governments "reconfirmed their view that (this) remains the only viable solution that has been identified to date", the statement said.

No definite timeframe was put on the redeployment, with the statement saying only that the "relocations are to be completed as soon as possible while ensuring operational capability throughout the process".

US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta hailed the deal, which he said would reduce the burden on residents of Okinawa.

"I am very pleased that, after many years, we have reached this important agreement and plan of action," Mr Panetta said in a statement.

Japanese Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba said the agreement reflected evolving regional realities, at a time of growing fears among Asian countries and the United States about China's increasing military might.

"Changes in the security environment will not wait for us. Japan and the United States have to assume our responsibility and do our part and implement the plans in a speedy manner," he told reporters in Tokyo.

"The (base-move) problem brought everything to a halt. We must make progress where we can."

The deal comes just ahead of a visit to Washington by Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who will meet with US President Barack Obama on Monday for what both sides hope will be a demonstration that the alliance is back on track.

Japan and the US have long clashed over Okinawa, the site of sporadic tensions with US troops.

Around half of the 47,000 US service personnel in Japan are based on the strategically located island chain, which is nearer to Taiwan than it is to Tokyo.

The United States had agreed in 2006 to shift the Futenma air base - a longtime source of grievance as it lies in a crowded urban area - to a quiet stretch of seashore, with 8000 Marines leaving Okinawa for Guam.

Some activists in Okinawa have pressed for the base to be removed completely and the controversy felled one Japanese prime minister, Yukio Hatoyama, who failed to fulfill campaign pledges in 2009 to renegotiate the deal.

Yesterday's announcement comes after the two sides said they would treat the marine redeployment as separate from the base move, which is likely to remain a matter of dispute.

A senior US State Department official said the decision had allowed things to move forwards.

"Previously everything was a package, until we had progress on constructing the Futenma replacement facility, we weren't doing a lot of other things," said the official, who requested anonymity, in line with usual policy.

"One of the key aspects of this agreement is that we're separating the piece of constructing a replacement facility for Futenma from the other aspects of the agreement because we're acknowledging it's taking more time than we anticipated."

The statement said the total cost of the relocation to Guam was expected to be $US8.6 billion ($8.2 billion), with the US official saying more than a third would be paid by Tokyo.

Around 5000 of those leaving Okinawa would be heading to Guam, with the remainder going to Hawaii and Australia where Washington is "establishing a US Marine Corps rotational presence", the statement said.

"In executing these moves, the US government reaffirmed its commitment to sustain its current military presence and enhance military capability in the Western Pacific."

The agreement is part of a wider US strategy under Mr Obama, who is pushing to re-engage with Asia and reconfigure the American military presence in the region amid concerns over China's rapid rise.

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Iraqi prisoners
Iraqi prisoners


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by manny Sunday, Apr 29 2012, 7:02pm

Isn't it fucking astonishing how Australia via "THE LIMA DECLARATION" and yank corporations via offshoring everything, have built up China/Asia to the point that it now requires 'containment' and the presence of foreign troops of occupation on Oz soil.

Tell me WHY HAVE WE BEEN SELLING CHINA OUR NORTH-WEST SHELF GAS AT 5 CENTS A LITRE -- Howard's astute business acumen -- for decades? Now our steel industry can't compete against ASIAN slave workers and OUR economy is slowly going belly up.

Why am I paying 84 cents a litre and these arseholes are paying between 3 and 5 cents a fucking litre -- tell me WHY Canberra?


This is the fucking result, the slow strangulation of all manufacturing/jobs in A U S T R A L I A! 'Good' fucking work, Canberra!

poison apples
by tye Sunday, Apr 29 2012, 9:37pm

it doesn't stop there -- the World Trade Organisation (WTO) just forced Oz to accept UNWANTED and UNNEEDED fireblight apples from NZ and other affected countries under the threat of trade sanctions -- cop that!

Makes you wonder who is behind all these international arrangements. Someone/group is clearly calling the shots against the interests of sovereign nations.

Another job 'well done', gutless Canberra politicians!

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