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The TRUTH about 'Drone Warfare'
by skye Sunday, Apr 29 2012, 12:53am
international / peace/war / commentary

Pilotless aircraft or Drones are sitting ducks in the sky, any antiquated PILOTED jet fighter is able to knock them out of the sky with EASE, so why all the terror and hype surrounding Drones? Also, understand that ALL air forces world wide know the above facts/truth.

Thanks for the bases, Julia! The joke is on the morons.
Thanks for the bases, Julia! The joke is on the morons.

Pilotless Drones fly and kill simply because ground air forces agree to allow them in the sky -- THAT simple! Any air force could down them anytime -- so, if you are looking for those RESPONSIBLE for civilian Drone kills, look to YOUR CORRUPT politicians!

Pilotless aircraft are no match for piloted jet fighters or surface to air missiles, none whatsoever. The hype associated with Drone warfare is simple that, HYPE! Your criminal politicians are to blame if Drones fly in YOUR sky!

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