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Response to ‘Autumn Leaf’
by sandra Wednesday, May 2 2012, 10:59pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

forgive my belated response
i only just read it:

you ‘once quipped u would
write me a love poem
on an autumn leaf,’
but u failed to deliver
(the story of ur life)

how revealing is ur shallow
and selfish poem
it speaks volumes
of you and ur heartless disregard.

have you forgotten the many ‘poems’
i wrote on ur body with my tongue
how easily i made u respond,
throwing u into spasms of delight,
forcing u to release ur seed --
the many tender days and nights
we spent together in love’s embrace?

i now have ur essence and spring approaches
in the North – a time for new growth
i am as the earth is,
nurturing, bringing forth new life
ur essence is assured of full bloom
i shall tend and protect it
until it rises through the canopy
and bathes in the full glory of the sun

ever mindful of threats, i shall remove all impediments
and obstructions until it grows strong and sure;
i would tend it with compassion, Love and consideration
as it grows,
ensuring the worst is left behind
in the South,
with you.

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