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by stylus Saturday, May 5 2012, 2:28pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

if ur longing is great
i would appear
in comely form
either as male
or female, whatever ur desire
i am neither

i could no more resist
ur entreaties than a caring
mother could ignore
her crying child

emerging from the void
i manifest in countless dimensions
appearing simultaneously everywhere
at once;
in one movement
without beginning or end
without past or future

the instant --
in That i lurk like a tiger
in the night
an eagle in the day
ever vigilant

was there ever a time/
place/space that i did not fill
with my presence?

you are of me, the same stuff
though encased
in a flesh capsule
governed by time, space,
form and name
yet our essence is all pervasive,
we are inseparable
that is the enduring Reality.

the dreams you weave
deceive you into believing
in endings and beginnings,
realise there is nothing apart from
me, i am all Life, your life

all things
derive their existence from me
and to me all things return

nothing is separate,
abandoned or alone

would i, could i deny myself?
how then could i
deny you?

beseech me always, allow ur heart
to petition me constantly,
demand my attention;

i have given you the key to
the bridal chamber and the means
by which to draw me to ur bed
and into ur arms

once embraced
captured forever
lost in pulsating rhythms of creation.

Love binds all things to itself
Love is my name and nature,
in Love do i eternally dance
with You.

how simple it is to open your heart
and free yourself

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