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They Are Taking Our Rights Away, Again.
by rique Monday, May 7 2012, 9:58pm
international / human rights / other press

Ya kiddin' me!

Does it take a 93 year old black woman to take the lead and drive a point home in the cringing USA? Viviette Applewhite disgraced more able younger Americans by launching a court action against draconian new laws.

All power to her. Let it be REPEATED time and again that the USA is the only nation on the planet that has a Constitution which OBLIGES the population to remove a government that threatens the Freedoms and Liberties of the people.


Where would you like to start? How about unwarranted searches and arrest or unwarranted surveillance and spying on the private communications of the people or genital groping at airports or the most heinous new law of ALL, INDEFINITE incarceration without charge or trial on SUSPICION -- give FREEDOM a break!

The PEOPLE are LEGALLY obliged to REMOVE ANY government that imposes repressive/oppressive measures on the population.

If America wishes to take the moral high ground (again) and lead the world, it must do so by EXAMPLE -- integrity is adhering to the principles ENSHRINED in the Constitution.

No court is required to interpret or verify the legality of such an action by the people, the founding fathers made it an imperative! New laws implemented over the past decade are an outrage to any democracy; authoritarian military/police oppression of the American people has been witnessed by the ENTIRE WORLD; it is CLEAR the US government is no longer representative of the PEOPLE and MUST be PURGED -- if that means ridding Washington of every (corrupt, bought) politician, then so be it!

Does the WORLD wait in VAIN for America to wake up to its own values and responsibilities -- INSPIRE the world by fighting for Freedom and Liberty on the home front?

With the (REAL) LAW supporting the people, what prevents the people fulfilling their Constitutional imperatives and OBLIGATIONS to society? A civil ACTION of this nature would CATALYSE REAL CHANGE ACROSS THE ENTIRE GLOBE and corrupt minority criminal elites would FALL EVERYWHERE, almost overnight. They know it, I know it and YOU know it!

I tell you truly, if the American people rise up against the UNREPRESENTATIVE, criminal, OPPRESSIVE forces that have hijacked their wealth/democracy, THE WORLD WOULD FOLLOW THEIR LEAD!


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by viv Tuesday, May 8 2012, 8:51am

forget the USA, its beyond help ... europe will show the way and Asia will follow.

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