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Paternalistic, "Disrespectful" Oz Federal Police "Expelled" from Vanuatu
by staff report via baz - ABC (Oz) Thursday, May 10 2012, 12:19am
international / imperialism / other press

Australia's version of the FBI has been right royally kicked out of Pacific Island nation, Vanuatu. It seems racist, moron Australia has yet to learn RESPECT, especially when on foreign soil. Commodore Frank Bainimarama of Fiji may have some advice for Vanuatu's PM and I'm sure China would be extremely happy to assist in any diplomatic, financial and investment capacity -- you dunce Oz, incompetent (Gillard) government! Yankee overlords will not be happy, Juliar!

Vanuatu PM, Sato Kilman
Vanuatu PM, Sato Kilman

Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers stationed in Vanuatu have left the Pacific islands nation amid a diplomatic row.

The island's government decided to expel AFP personnel in retaliation for what it has described as the "disrespectful" way in which its prime minister, Sato Kilman, was treated during a recent visit to Australia.

Vanuatu denies the issue relates to the arrest of Mr Kilman's private secretary Clarence Marae at Sydney Airport late last month, when he was detained by the AFP over an alleged international tax scam.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade official says it is disappointed with the Vanuatu government's decision and confirmed all police officers left this morning.

Vanuatu's foreign minister Alfred Carlot warned the AFP yesterday that they would be arrested if the Australian Government did not "take into account the decision of Vanuatu government" within 24 hours and close the liaison office in the capital Port Vila.

Mr Carlot had asked the AFP to explain why Mr Kilman and his delegation were required to complete immigration and customs clearances while they were in transit through Sydney airport earlier this month.

He said the Australian High Commissioner was aware of his demand, which included the "closure of all AFP operations in various government law enforcement agencies in Vanuatu".

In a press release, Mr Carlot said the "concerns of the government are purely to do with the disrespect of the prime minister of Vanuatu".

He stressed they were not related to the arrest of Mr Marae.

Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr says he has asked the Immigration Department for an explanation over how it treated Mr Kilman.

Senator Carr says Vanuatu is a close friend of Australia and he is looking into the matter.

"Well obviously on the face of it, that is a concern," he said.

"I'm seeking an explanation from Immigration and Customs about that and I hope when I've got it, I'm in a position to say something more."

Before the AFP officers left, Senator Carr had urged the Vanuatu government to reconsider its plans.

He said the people of Vanuatu would be losing a valuable source of aid if Australian police were forced to leave.

"If Vanuatu had a grievance with what happened ... then I'd be happy to facilitate ways of expressing that grievance to save them any self-inflicted damage that expelling our federal police personnel might render them," he said.

In 2003, members of the AFP were forced to leave Vanuatu after facing accusations of spying and interference in Vanuatu internal affairs.

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