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Sea Shepherd captain arrested
by Jane Hammond via sal - The West Australian Sunday, May 13 2012, 11:46pm
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People like Julian Assange and Captain Paul Watson of the anti-whaling ship Sea Sheppard are TARGETED by the powers not because of any transgressions but because individuals CANNOT be seen to be SUCCESSFUL in their fight against a corrupt system.

Anti-whaling activist, Capt. Paul Watson
Anti-whaling activist, Capt. Paul Watson

Corporate and Banker cabals that own Western 'democracies' spend billions of dollars annually on media campaigns to maintain a permanent slave mentality in the population; subservience to the (criminal) authority of the State must be maintained at ALL costs!

It must NEVER be widely demonstrated that people or individuals are capable of breaking the shackles of psychological and debt SLAVERY and then begin to successfully subvert the power of the criminal cabals that temporarily run much of the globe. For this reason all, any person/s found to be successfully achieving some form of REAL justice are targeted and quashed by the powers.

So what is the lesson here? De-centralization, anonymity, leaderless groups and massive grass roots education -- NEVER allow the identities of core members to be known, period!

Remember that skilled, opportunistic, more mobile smaller forces ALWAYS prevail against the larger SLOWER more cumbersome State - historical fact!

Never offer a fixed target -- and be AWARE that an IDENTITY today is a fixed target, so either have many or remain ANONYMOUS.

VICTORY against any criminally corrupt State is ASSURED if a few simple rules are followed.

Media report follows:

Head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Group Paul Watson is expected to be freed from custody in Germany later today or early tomorrow morning, a spokesman for the group has said.

One of the group’s head captains Locky Maclean said Captain Watson had been arrested on an out of date warrant over an incident dating back to 2002.

“The best legal advice I have is that he will be freed later today or early tomorrow morning,” Captain MacLean said.

“His arrest was a mistake by the German authorities.”

Captain Watson is being held in custody at Frankfurt Airport after being arrested while transiting through Germany.

He is understood to be being treated well and has been able to make occasional phone calls to supporters.

A vegan meal has also been supplied to the committed environmentalist who eats no animal products.

Captain Watson, best known in Australia for his crusade against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean, was arrested yesterday on a warrant from Costa Rica for extradition to the central American country by German police.

“He was arrested in relation to an alleged violation of ships traffic in Costa Rica during the filming of the documentary Sharkwater in 2002,” Captain MacLean said.

“The basic incident took place on the high seas and Sea Shepherd encounted an illegal shark finning operation run by a Costa Rican ship the Varadero.

“This was more to do with thousands and thousands of kilos of dried shark fins that were uncovered by Sea Shepherd as an illegal operation in Costa Rica back in 2002.

“The warrant is actually old and expired. Interpol has not cancelled the warrant and Paul is probably going to be released later this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.”

News of the arrest has sparked a major campaign on Facebook with followers around the world demanding the conservation group leader be freed.

The arrest comes as Sea Shepherd launches is new campaign against shark finning.

Captain Watson will captain one of at least two ships that will leave Australia next month for Fiji to begin the hunt for illegal shark finners.

Shark finners take as estimated 100 million sharks every year, slicing off their fins while they are alive and dumping the creatures back into the sea were they die an agonising death on the sea floor.

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