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Corporatists set Agenda and Policy regardless of who 'wins!'
by Jeff Tuesday, May 15 2012, 10:28am
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Has America altered course since Bill Clinton occupied the White House and illegally bombed the Balkans, or has fundamental US policy changed? The answer to both questions is, NO! So why all the media ballyhoo over FAKE elections or the 'race' by two owned puppets for the White House? Both major parties are clearly owned and managed by the same Wall St Corporate/Banker interests? Yet the media -- including the so-called alternative media -- is covering events as though a real democratic process was playing out or that real political options existed.


After almost 20 years of the most unwavering linear direction America has ever taken, the public still doesn't get it -- they fall for the fake run for the presidency every time -- 'yes, we are morons!'

However, I was pleasantly surprised recently by commentary and analysis from American website, 'Wide Asleep;' it's wit, sarcasm and bold highlighting of America's stupidity is not only refreshing and entertaining it is deadly accurate! It seems there are some rogue American citizens that dare to think and speak out loud about the utter bullshit the nation is drowning in. Regardless of topic the US mass media serves elite minority interests and leads the public to false conclusions. It's much like championship wrestling, everyone knows it's fake but they love the spectacle and ride -- the reassurance comes from group participation, much like the group mentality of Japanese Imperial forces that invaded Nanjing and committed unspeakable atrocities; those horrors are more graphic but no less criminal than murdering 500,000 Iraqi children with embargos or directly killing over one million INNOCENT Iraqi civilians due to an ill-conceived and bungled invasion and occupation plan -- but who gives a shit, responsibility is shared across the nation, therefore no individual shoulders responsibility, right? No, WRONG!

History records that culpable Japanese and Nazis were placed on trial, executed and/or jailed for their heinous crimes against humanity. And as I live, breath and think, the same fate awaits Wall St Bankers/Corporatists and the politicians that serve them, TODAY! The people will have their day and justice will be served. But by all means continue in your delusions, it's far less painful than confronting the ugly reality that America is the world's leading civilian killing, therefore criminal, terrorist nation!



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