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In the Absence of One Shred of Supporting Evidence
by ken Sunday, May 20 2012, 12:03am
international / mass media / commentary

I've got a question for all the dreamboats out there. In the absence of any -- that means there is NONE -- corroborating or supporting evidence, do YOU believe the '20' times revised fairy tale of the Bin Laden assassination by American Navy Seals? If so, then go watch American idol or better yet there's a new comic book movie with Captain America and all the other comical 'Avengers', you vacuum-heads!


While I'm at it, I have another question for you.

In VIEW of the now OVERWHELMING, INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE and testimonials from thousands of specialists and professionals, including engineers, architects, physicists, metallurgists, firemen, police etc, etc, do YOU believe the government fiction regarding the 9/11 attacks? If so, please volunteer for indefinite detention and genital groping, you cowering, useless excuses for human beings.

TRUTH has a certain quality, try and guess what it is. IT IS UNASSAILABLE -- lies are not able to distort it, alter it or taint in any way. Truth always prevails and corners LIARS and FRAUDS (leaving no escape) in the end. Your government and nation has been hijacked by CRIMINALS, you chicken-shits! What are YOU going to do about it, the entire system is corrupt, got it?

Fair dinkum, some people!

Now go back to bed, America -- the DUNCE nation of the WORLD.

A parade of now E-X-P-O-S-E-D, LYING, mass murdering, CRIMINALS.

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