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Mandatory Full Body Scans at Oz Airports or ‘no-fly’ rule Applies
by gamma Wednesday, May 23 2012, 10:28am
national / social/political / commentary

Aussies will no doubt be overjoyed with the new, legislated no choice option at Oz airports -- be scanned or be ‘fucked!’ Submit to Big Brother or find another mode of transport!

Servile Labor Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese
Servile Labor Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese

Aussies once derived much pleasure ridiculing Americans for allowing themselves to either be genitally groped in ‘pat-downs’ or to have their private parts outlined by intrusive and dangerous X-Ray scans for the voyeuristic pleasure of TSA staff.

But now the shoe is on the other foot – unlike cowering, irradiated Americans, apathetic Aussies do not have a choice or an ‘opt-out’ body ‘frisk’ option, and paddling across the Pacific in a canoe is not an option!

It was revealing to hear Oz parliamentarians from both major parties falling over themselves in support this new, intrusive and unsafe technology at airports.

In a rare show of bi-partisan agreement our corporate owned and duly subservient politicians drearily referred to the same non-metallic, explosive terrorist underwear to hard sell the 'new' scanners. However, Australia’s scanners are supplied by the same Corporation that supplies the USA – coincidence? Not on your irradiated genitals!

No mention in parliament of the fallibility of these expensive, unnecessary airport scanners was made; however, the media was under no such restrictions and ran numerous stories about the fact that human "perspiration" triggered the scanners, brilliant! No doubt more faults will be discovered in the future but the no-fly rule will continue to be applied; after all, the Corporate security State must be maintained at all costs.

I was particularly amused by one parliamentarian’s comment regarding an ‘extremely sharp,’ hardened plastic knife his wife uses at home and how the new scanner was able to detect plastic weapons; during his discourse the parliamentarian made the point that he did not ‘fear his knife-wielding wife!’ That is the calibre of our Canberra politicians today; the rapid devolution of political ‘leaders’ since John Howard is having its effect on the nation.

If scant regard was given to the failings of these new scanners no mention whatsoever was made regarding the created, artificial ‘need’ for these unnecessary scanners. So I am obliged by Oz ethics and common sense to state the obvious:

The minimal terrorist threat to Australia could be completely eliminated (overnight) by simply withdrawing Oz troops from illegally occupied nations. People have better things to do than run around bombing Aussies for no reason so why give them one? The most effective form of terrorist protection/prevention is to cease illegally invading/occupying other nations, killing their innocent men, women and children and stealing their valuable resources -- makes sense doesn’t it?

China is a good example of a nation conducting civilised international trade and business today. Though China has far more urgent energy needs than America, China has not found the need to use its military in order to appropriate resources. China engages in legal and civilised international trade and normal business practices with other nations. China’s business interests now extend from Asia, throughout the Pacific to Latin America and not a shot in anger or theft fired! Wake up Oz, your politicians are clearly owned by Corporatists and no longer represent or serve the Australian people.

In conclusion, I would challenge any parliamentarian or citizen to counter the above. Anyone that wishes to obtain copies of the parliamentary debate would note immediately the similarities in the sales pitch of both the opposition and government parliamentarians, an extremely unusual occurrence. WHY?

Because they are 'owned' by the same interests and are reading from the same supplied script. Now it's YOUR job, you beer swilling, apathetic, Aussie morons, to discover for yourselves who the UNREPRESENTATIVE minority forces are that have hijacked our democracy and own our government. But I know all too well how lazy and ill-informed you are so I'll give you a hint -- the same interests that seek to lock down the entire globe in a tight, paranoid security State also designed the Carbon Tax! Yes, the same TAX that Juliar Gillard UNDEMOCRATICALLY I-M-P-O-S-E-D on the people of Australia -- FACT! But PLEASE, research and verify the material for yourselves, then go watch the footy and have another drink!

[Boycott all major parties and VOTE REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS into office at EVERY election!]


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