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Assange Symbolically Defers to the Power of the ANONYMOUS Underground
by lynx Thursday, May 24 2012, 11:07pm
international / social/political / commentary

In what may be his last voluntary public appearance, “gifted hacker,” publisher and founder of the WikiLeaks whistle blowing website, has worn the V for Vendetta mask, which has become the default icon of the ANONYMOUS underground – a rapidly growing army of invisible hackers and specialists that present the only real VIABLE opposition to the criminal ruling elites of today.


To date the underground, which is naturally tiered according to skill levels, has hacked numerous government agencies, magnetic strip/locks, ICs on credit and identity cards, etc, etc. It has brought down low orbit satellites and from rumour, has compromised the military systems of a known superpower – the Achilles heel is of course the remote comms.

Assange’s mask-wearing gesture lends itself to numerous interpretations, nevertheless, the obvious should never be ignored – better to wake up late than never, Julian.

Martyrs are a traditional social construct and should never be emulated by elite cyber warriors. A martyr could never be considered a VIABLE option/model for success by any stretch of the imagination, Julian! All power to the ANONYMOUS elite, a breed apart, distinguished by their exceptional skills, innate high moral standards and sense of J-U-S-T-I-C-E; they move like shadows and strike fear into the trembling ruling cabals of our day.

Ruling plutocrats have no answer for the rapidly growing underground; all the ‘security’ systems they develop and all the draconian laws they pass have in fact provided greater mobility/invisibility/freedom for the elite underground – which cannot be flushed out by infantile methods, lures and tricks.

You see, morons, it’s not about fame, ego, notoriety or money, none of which present as lures or problems to disciplined elite crewz. It’s about JUSTICE, fair play, law, order and a sustainable CIVILISED society.

Assange was right to target America, as it is the antithesis of all that is considered good! America is the world’s leading civilian killing therefore terrorist nation; unlike China that conducts its international business affairs legally and in a civilised manner, America uses the methods of organised criminals, it bullies, intimidates (mass) murders, terrorises and vandalises in order to steal what it requires. The United States, as history will no doubt bear witness, is a blight on the planet; it is without doubt a global disease that must be eliminated at all costs, as a cancerous disease of this nature threatens to consume/destroy everything that evolving humanity has achieved to date.

There were other methods and options available, Julian, you should have maintained the code, especially the anonymity rule. We are all frail and all too human but the ‘martyr’ option, for fuck’s sake, man!

Assange not only defied strict digital warrior codes he stupidly and illogically broke every known tactical rule of guerrilla warfare by revealing himself and presenting a clear target to his stronger opponent – the smaller more agile, skilled force NEVER presents itself as a stationary target to the cumbersome, slow, materially superior force – what were you thinking?

Try and understand the message/lessons in the David and Goliath myth; the 'weaker' but highly skilled smaller, agile force used its mobility and superior resourcefulness/skill to stun the opponent then appropriate its weapons and ‘decapitate’/eliminate the threat. If an archetype/model was required why not choose something more appropriate and SUCCESSFUL? How could you hope to defeat a criminal superpower face on, on its own terms, Mr martyr Assange?

Anyway, good luck ol’ boy, you’ll need it – you could have done it so much better but at least find some consolation in the fact that Oz continues to be one of the world’s strongholds in the fight for REAL Freedom, Liberty and JUSTICE.

And regards to Ms Robinson, the pleasure was all mine, more so for making a rare public appearance – have no fear, CCTV footage would have been erased by now.

Follow link for video:


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The Power Principle - Documentary
by fleet Saturday, May 26 2012, 12:21am

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