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Google suppressing data (as I write) and guilty of HACKING!
by judd Monday, May 28 2012, 10:24pm
international / mass media / commentary

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Not surprisingly Google is illegally suppressing (in its searches) stories relating to its criminal activities.


Google is guilty of hacking, a most serious offense if we look at how the government deals with non-corporate kiddie hackers that do not attend Bilderberg meetings.

A recent class action against the Nazi indefinite detention 'law' was successful -- real LAW works if applied in force and vigorously.

Google admits fault -- abundant proof and damning testimonial exist -- but Google is at pains to avoid the ACCURATE term for its crimial activities, HACKING! It is an open and shut case of DELIBERATE HACKING by CIA partner Google.

It's time to launch a vigorous attack on companies that think they are above the law and to seek full compensation for damages and reparations where it applies.

The full force of the law should and MUST be applied to nefarious company, Google; the government can't have it both ways -- heavy penalties that are sought and levied on kiddie hackers must be proportionately levied on Google -- hundreds of ($) millions in costs and compensation is on offer!

You/we/businesses, if using wireless digital services/devices during Google street mapping, have BEEN HACKED!

[Why people are afraid or in awe of incompetent ruling elites today is beyond me -- they are PROVEN fifth raters in everything except financial criminal enterprise -- no doubt, a highly 'desirable' skill to have! NAIL THEM, it's not difficult, their grip is extremely tenuous today; their bought technical skills base and their owned political puppets are of extremely low quality these days.]

Disseminate widely.


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