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"To live without Love and Compassion is not to live at all" -- Heart
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The Lack of Discipline
by ryall Tuesday, May 29 2012, 11:59am
international / prose/poetry / literature


in the most desolate locations
are the loneliest tasks undertaken
and the most difficult battles fought;
when loneliness aches
one is forced to invoke
the Godhead for comfort and conversation,
to have an equal exchange,
tho i am aware there are no Gods
outside man’s creation
– over 10,000 gods on last count.

no doubt more Deities will be created to
supercede the old, failing Gods --
‘new’ myths created from old themes
to enslave new masses
with the same dull tricks.

few fight this war,
only the elite
are capable of fighting it
others lack commitment, fortitude
and perseverance -- discipline in a word.

as patient as time itself
success is assured if
the sure road to victory is followed

goad and taunt the inept
impatient enemy into producing
immediate results for their
attention deficient
citizen slaves.
hasty results do more to undermine
the enemy than any of our attacks
though we force the issue by leaving few
(no) alternatives.

i learned patience in Love;
targeting my heart’s desire
i moved slowly, surely,
relentlessly, never giving up though faced with
insurmountable barriers, resistance and obstructions;
i persevered until success was mine,
i then lost myself in the prize
the (fleeting) moment
i transformed into continuum,
the finite into the infinite.

patience lays the foundation for discipline,
an imperative for all warriors that wish to endure.

we prevail against overwhelming odds
with the power that discipline bestows,
the progeny of Love –
is there a superior force
in this universe that is
able to focus existence
more effectively?

audio Jeff Buckley and Hannah Trigwell perform Cohen's Hallelujah

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