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Frustrated Failed Revolutionaries: The Assange Cypherpunks
by finn Tuesday, Jun 5 2012, 1:21pm
international / mass media / commentary

Sometimes the secondary unstated discourse offers more detailed and revealing information than the articulated or overt primary discourse – this was certainly the case in Assange’s latest RT interviews with ‘Cypherpunk’ geeks and friends; but prior to deconstructing that gem of a semiotic treat, allow me to clarify a few points about TODAY’S digital underground.

Failed revolutionary Julian Assange
Failed revolutionary Julian Assange

Much was said about ubiquitous surveillance technology in today’s world and the ease with which this now very accessible and inexpensive technology becomes available to almost anyone. Yet privacy/ANONYMITY today is assured by following a few simple rules – the point I am making here is not whether every communication is recorded because that has been a reality since the early days of ‘echelon.’ Recording and storing that information is not a security threat, as we (crew) have been communicating openly since before the days of echelon and continue to do so today, THOUGH we NEVER identify ourselves to the outside world in a manner that is easily traceable by others.

The question is not, ‘who is watching the watchers’ – a very clever avoidance tactic and convenient distraction – the REALITY is the WATCHERS are murderers and C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L-S, and one would have to be a moron or have a severe psychological flaw/pathology to reveal oneself to KNOWN primitive, violent, brutes or to confront these murdering bastards face on!

Take a minimal analysis of anyone in any social regulatory position, agency employee, police, military or other uniformed idiot and you soon come to the conclusion you are assessing primitive thugs/morons – that is self-evident today, Mr Assange. So let’s offer them a sitting target, shall we? Your geek friends were introduced to FBI thug tactics soon after their interviews – lol! But I am digressing – one too many ‘longies’ I’m afraid, but how sweet the taste of real (anonymity) FREEDOM is, a word few know the meaning of today. But I’m drunk enough to offer a hint by posing another question -- not that drunk! Whenever some demagogue or political PUPPET uses that word, simply inquire, ‘FREEDOM from WHAT’, freedom is a relative term and always implies constraint of some kind?

Americans are perhaps the most enslaved people in the developed world, yet they imagine they are free. Perhaps we should put the word in a context so banjo-playing Americans are better able to understand. How about freedom from inequity or PARASITIC bankers, constant surveillance or the threat of indefinite detention without trial or charge – freedom from those threats would be freedom indeed?

These are the conditions moron SLAVE Americans live under today; however, to perpetuate the illusion of freedom, ruling elites ensure a constant stream of media rhetoric informing enslaved Americans they are ‘really’ free, give the morons a break; Americans are the laughing stock of the world for very good reason!

Consider the above threats and psychological shackles and compare those realities with the almost non-existent threat that Hollywood/CIA created al-Qaeda presents and even banjo players begin to see the tricks of Wall St controlled US government, which is more of a threat to social FREEDOM and harmony than any other force on the planet today.

I may finally get to the point but I’m having a little fun first.

Now consider the secondary layer discourse in the Assange interviews which clearly refers to failed social revolutions and FAILED ‘cypherpunk’ revolutionaries – gathered in a room for mutual reassurance – lol! Which begs the question; why would anyone wish to liberate the moron worker population with their collective IQ in the minuses and their propensity to turn on you at the slightest whim, there are very good reasons why nefarious ruling elites keep them ignorant and in a state of constant fear!

So please Julian, inform the world why you wish to liberate dangerous, marauding hordes – recall those idiots in uniform if you imagine I am exaggerating. And to emphasise the point I would mention that I was recently harassed by police who rifled through my pockets and bag looking for ID of some sort, which I rarely carry in public, though I have a plastic card hidden in a safe location. After they failed to identify me I explained to police morons that I was a retired journalist with a medical condition and if they persisted in harassing me I would publish details of their actions and sue them individually, not as police but as informed (of a medical condition) individuals; I then inquired how many had assets or property -- I had been set upon by half a dozen blue-clad, morons/thugs. Needless to say it all became ‘too hard’ for the police, as I had committed no offence, the morons let me be only after I threatened them, though they had a choice, to take me back to the station and explain it to their superiors – creating doubt is a very powerful weapon/strategy. Fortunately Oz doesn’t have an indefinite detention on suspicion law, YET!

OK, now to the point, which is remaining UNDER the surveillance RADAR at ALL times.

We are not burdened with the biblical/political desire to free the moronic masses, they can free themselves if they so choose, as we did! After watching the Assange interviews I lamented how everyone overlooked the fact that modern society had become completely addicted to digital technology and like all addictions it opens a possibility to tactical exploitation.

Consider that money is more readily available today than at any other time in the past; Reserve banks print trillions from thin air and trading/savings banks create it on their digital screens whenever required -- money literally grows on digital trees and if one has the skill to harvest it, it’s a gift, as banks always cover losses rather than chase hackers, which is considered less cost effective -- please note the absurdity of this approach, as it results in a avalanche of bank hacking activity and an explosion in the underground hacker population, I’m not complaining, however, as it offers the elite more cover!

Now consider digital/code readers, magnetic strip readers, RSA door and other physical ‘keys’, ID cards with ICs and all the other high-tech tracking and identifying devices, WHICH HAVE ALL BEEN HACKED! So in fact, the tightening of surveillance/control offers more freedom to skilled digital elites than ever before!

Slovenly technocrats have blown it -- by depending too much on technology they have decreased their ‘human’ skill-base and created an explosion of hacking activity in the digital underground.

Take another example, the high-tech American military that has been at war with medieval Afghan tribals for over a decade without any hope of victory. Tribals rely on human skills while the US boasts about its high-tech military -- who is winning in Afghanistan - lol?

The human element wins the day every time and from a hacking POV I would mention that most gains and interventions continue to be the result of good social engineering. So where is this global technological prison or rather for whom do these digital prisons exist? Certainly not for the hacker elite, as they have never enjoyed more freedom or success.

As for the moronic masses, good luck with the revolution, Julian.

Hacker elites TODAY are realists and are not burdened with altruistic or fanciful utopian motives, we are not frustrated or failed revolutionaries or quasi-theocrats, the only allegiance we have is to each other, the crew. The fight we wage against the murdering bastards that have hijacked western democracies continues because it’s an easy war to wage – the best they have are fifthraters, it’s just too easy and they have no chance against a superior force.

Good luck with liberating the moronic masses, Julian – fuck ‘em, the useless worker drones deserve everything they get. The prize as every heroic myth clearly indicates is won by brave warrior types not soft, techno-addicted weak shits.

Assange and his lame crew of ‘cypherpunks’ have failed and it’s almost tragic watching them trying to salvage something from their failure even to the extent of referring to corporate ideology, the ‘PRIVACY MARKET is underexploited,’ for example, it’s reminiscent of the corporate mass media informing slaves they are free!

We can’t wait for part 2.


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bitter irony
by blea Wednesday, Jun 6 2012, 12:38am

good decon, leed

know u wood'v liked t laborate but i'll fill a fissure for ya.

the position of elite hackers is clear - they r MASTERS of digital technologies - that means they r not SUBJECT to these technologies, as the slave community is.

i would now draw attention to the digital ankle monitor bracelet 'gifted (failed) hacker' Assange is wearing and subject to while he remains under house arrest -- that's freedom for ya! -- what a 'success' story he REALLY is.

the interesting thing about reality is that it's in everyone's face but few see or appreciate it. Assange is passé, a failed revolutionary and a VERY bad role model for younger cyber warriors.

salutations, leed

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