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A War Manifesto
by peptide Sunday, Jun 10 2012, 12:50am
international / peace/war / news report

From the original crew of 2004 - [Backgrounded in Google searches]

Declaration of War: A Manifesto of the Living

In response to the hippies and activists who recently “declared peace” in the USA and were arrested in droves, we declare War!

We declare bloodless war on the powers and purveyors of death and fear. We completely reject murdering, lying governments. Be it known that we declare war on all created, fabricated and imposed ‘realities’.

The star, crescent and cross are glued together with the blood of innocents; the religionists have demonstrated to the world that their Gods are poison. We reject the Gods of hypocrites. This war is won in a word – Peace!

To the political ideologues; we have seen your methods and your ‘solutions’. Your failures stand as testimony to your incompetence. We reject your oppression, inequity, slavery and violence. We reject your corruption and elitism – wealth for the few we reject emphatically. This war is won with de-valuation.

To bankers, mercantilists and big business, a question; did Da Vinci, Einstein and Newton contribute or devour and destroy? How do you justify your actions and incomes? We reject parasites, frauds and thieves, your methods of 'acquisition,' exploitation and theft are known – we reject completely your inequities and corruption. You have demonstrated your greed, selfishness and deceit; you will go the way of all social parasites! This war is won with re-evaluation.

A groundswell rises; a heterogeneous global sea moves irresistibly and inexorably toward Freedom; like a distant thunder it approaches, louder with every burst.

We are the means by which and through which all rulers exercise rule; what could they do without us, are they able to enslave, exploit or fight without our support? They are completely dependent on us but we are not dependent on them. Power resides in withdrawing subscription.

It is already over!

Justice will be served.

[State war criminals must be brought to justice, not just deposed. They must be held accountable for their crimes.]

Criminal corporate cover-up

Operation Northwoods - Blueprint for 9/11

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