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The Revolutionary Organisation behind Jesus Christ
by finn Monday, Jun 11 2012, 3:32am
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Don’t kid yourself children, Jesus was sent on his mission by an organised group that existed long before he was born. He was not a God or even possessed of supernatural powers but a healer of minds and souls and a very brave, charismatic social revolutionary; he could no more fly than any man or elephant could fly! The implausible/impossible fantasy aspects of the story are cultivated by organised religion to weaken and intimidate believers into obeying a supernatural ‘all-powerful’ being that seems always to require the assistance of men to do the simplest things. You see, all Gods are the product of the pens of scribes and propagandists. But Jesus is the exception; he was a man, a most inspiring social reformer.

Never forget that organised religion is pure mental slavery and no better psychological shackle has ever been invented.

According to the NT, Jesus was supported by very wealthy followers (John and Nicodemus) as well as the social outcasts, drunks, whores and other misfits described in the narrative. Peter and his brothers were commercial fisherman, they owned a fishing boat (a huge asset) and sold their catch daily, which earned them a huge income by the standards of the time.

John, the beloved, was 'filthy rich' and Nicodemus -- the midnight rambler -- was a well connected upper-class spy acting on behalf of the revolutionary organisation. The plan to usurp the thoroughly corrupt priest class in the Capital had been carefully planned well before Jesus came of age.

I have studied many early Christian/Jewish writings, however, I will refer only to the NT as we know it today – the points I raise are common to all versions of the NT.

At the outset I would state that there is no God which man has not created; Jesus was born via the vaginal canal like every other mortal to members of an order/sect (Essenes probably); he was trained at an early age in the scriptures and law for his role as a social reformer; he was clearly supported on his mission by sect members in the towns, villages he visited and by very powerful friends and sect members in the capital, Jerusalem.

If we read the NT as a narrative not some supernatural story, the natural, very political story becomes evident.

Briefly, here are some revealing indicators and interesting placements in the story that stand out but I encourage everyone to read the Gospels and discover more for themselves.

Remember the conveniently placed donkey that the master was in need of to fulfil a prophecy. The donkey and its minder didn’t appear from the clouds, they were waiting according to plan – the ‘master’ had need, indeed!

And then there is the scenario in the capital that could easily fit into any spy novel today – the man carrying the identifying water pitcher in the capital, a city unfamiliar to country bumpkins Jesus and his company was waiting according to plan to guide the yokels to a secret meeting place -- that one is too obvious to miss!

There are other odd occurrences/indications in the story like taking the ‘vinegar’ drinking Jesus from the cross only a few hours after he was crucified – remember, he was a healthy, strong man who had just walked from Galilee to Jerusalem -- the flogging notwithstanding -- it took the average man approximately three days to die from Roman style crucifixions. The manner of death was intentionally designed to torture and agonise the victim over time as a warning to others not to fuck with Rome; yet our hero was, via a bribe to the (gambling) guards, allowed to be taken from the cross only a few hours after he was crucified. All very suss and totally out of character with the usual procedure – something not to be ignored.

I urge everyone to have an open-minded read of the NT narrative, it’s a very inspiring STORY if read in its proper temporal (revolutionary) context.

The NT should teach us all to stand on our own two feet and oppose corruption at every level.

The narrative teaches us to REJECT corrupt States/politicians and wealthy elites COMPLETELY and effect social change directly, as did the protagonist Jesus Christ -- we should take heart that Roman crucifixions have been replaced today by indefinite detention with charge or trial.

“On that day …,” what will you know ‘on that day’ – it’s in John?

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