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The Mistake of Popular Appeal
by 'radium' Wednesday, Jun 13 2012, 11:15pm
international / mass media / news report

Who needs it? Centers of power have always been highly localized and relatively easy to target. The objective was/is and always will be, to target the 'centers' of control, NOT waste time and effort attempting to attract or 'save' the moronic masses. 'Get over' any culturally inculcated martyr or savior complexes -- the fight has always been between opposing elites and may the more capable, skilled and intelligent group prevail!

The above is a gentle reminder of our raison d'etre; who, what and WHY we ARE!

Never lose focus; we have been and continue to be attacked by the moronic masses and the criminal murdering elites -- we owe nothing to anyone, OUR allegiance is to our crewz and groups ONLY; for our brother and sister hackers, skilled technicians and the exceptional of every hue, we LIVE, LOVE and FIGHT.

They will regret the day they held me captive with a pistol poked to the back of my ear (the police shot) they threatened to pull the trigger if i did not comply, I didn't -- my spontaneous response, 'PULL IT!' They didn't, and for that amazing bungle they have been paying most dearly ever since.

If you would prevail, you must know your enemy better than you know yourself, this essential task, morons always fail to accomplish!

Alone much was achieved, however, now that fledgling crewz have matured in skill, creativity and discipline and taken to 'wing' to form evermore rippling concentric circles of 'activity' we can take a measure of pride in our work.

The prize belongs to those who dare and DO; the world has always been captive to elites and nothing today indicates that reality is about to change.

Our inept opposition weakens by the day as we gain in strength/effect with every tap.

We are MANY -- we are ONE -- WE are UNSTOPPABLE!

Greetz to all the crews -- RELENTLESS!

and salutations to 'ferrite' -- the first but not the last

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