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Austerity for Oz!
by baz - Courier Mail, The Australian Friday, Jun 15 2012, 12:41am
international / social/political / commentary

Either wake up or learn to speak Greek!

Almost on cue, the Banker and Transnational cartels have utilised their faithful SERVANT, former conservative Treasurer, Peter Costello, to submit a report and of course warn of dire consequences for Queensland, arising from the State's debt.

You could almost pick the day this would occur, after UNESCO's warning of threats to the Great Barrier Reef, ARISING DIRECTLY from rampant Corporate EXPLOITATION and the social unrest/protests over under-regulated CSG exploitation, or toxic 'FRACKING,' as it is internationally known.

Peter Costello, the original supercilious prick of Oz politics
Peter Costello, the original supercilious prick of Oz politics

The foundation has now been laid for alarmist, emergency 'justified' exploitation (rape) of natural wealth assets ('debt servicing') -- so it's undisguised European style AUSTERITY for Queensland, Australia, what next?

The machinations of the global Banker-Corporate cartels are so bloody obvious it's a wonder that anyone with even half a brain could miss it!

Keep your eye on Queensland politics and watch now how they attempt to justify the wholesale rape and environmental degradation of that once beautiful State -- would you expect any different from profit-only-driven Corporations, NO! But WE WOULD EXPECT BETTER FROM OUR ELECTED GOVERNMENTS -- you stinking conservative sell-outs!

We stated it at the time (last election) but we need not gloat now -- if you truly wish to have representation then VOTE FOR REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS at EVERY ELECTION State and Federal -- it is PAINFULLY OBVIOUS the MAJOR PARTIES are in the POCKETS of GLOBALIST elites that wish to subject the people and exploit every nations' natural resources without interference from pesky locals concerned about the future sustainability of THEIR NATION -- and in case you were not aware, a nation's natural wealth belongs to its people NOT rapacious, Transnational Corporations.

Resource rich Queensland/Australia is easily able to service its created/imposed debts (don't push your luck, globalists) with sustainable practices, in its own way and in its own time.

Report from the Courier Mail follows:

Job losses, Asset sales, more Taxes for Queensland
by Robyn Ironside, Koren Helbig, Paul Syvret

ASSET sales, public service cuts [that means massive JOB LOSSES], tax hikes and changes to service delivery are among "radical surgery" options Treasurer Tim Nicholls must consider to rein in the state's overblown Budget.

But Mr Nicholls this morning reaffirmed the LNP's commitment not to sell any state assets before the next election, saying that would only go ahead with a mandate from Queenslanders.

Earmarked for possible sale by today's interim Costello audit report are government commercial arms including Q-Fleet, Q-Build, CITEC and Queensland Shared Services.

It is the second stage of a two-pronged approach to pay down the state's vast debt, set to climb to $100 billion by 2018-19 if no action is taken.

"At this stage Cabinet has not made a decision on (asset sales)," Mr Nicholls said.

"It is something on the menu for consideration but our commitment that is not to sell assets without a mandate remains in place.

"Our immediate action is to stop the rot and that's what we'll be doing first and that does not involve asset sales."

But former federal treasurer Peter Costello said asset sales were the only way [BULLSHIT] to win back the state's AAA credit rating, lost in 2009.

"If Queensland wants to get back to AAA, it won't be able to do it through taxes and expenditure reductions alone," he said.

"It just can't be done. The problem's too big. [RUBBISH! This is typical alarmist, MISINFORMATION delivered by paid errand boy, Costello, on behalf of his globalist masters.]

"If it wants to get back to AAA it will have to retire a power-load of debt and that will mean utilising the proceeds of assets."

The issue of asset sales proved poisonous for the former Bligh Government, which announced a privatisation program shortly after winning the 2009 election in a move that outraged voters and helped contribute to Labor's stunning 2012 poll defeat.

Mr Nicholls said the Newman Government would detail its response to first stage recommendations when handing down its Budget, which has been delayed until September.

Mr Nicholls immediately ruled out a $100-per-property landholder's levy, recommended by the report but said other tax increases would be considered.

He singled out gambling taxes and mining royalties, as the most likely to rise.

Mr Costello said they had proposed a two pronged solution, firstly to "stop things getting worse" and secondly to "get Queensland back to where it was, before the rot set in".

"The patient's in critical condition, we've got to stop this patient's vital signs from disappearing before we go in for the radical surgery," Mr Costello said.

He attacked the former Government's forward estimates, saying growth of 14 per cent transfer duty was completely unrealistic and expecting employee costs to drop from 9.6 per cent to 3.7 was equally outrageous.

"As an outsider I would take a lot of convincing that transfer duty was suddenly going to boom 14 per cent per annum, over the next three years, and I'd wager you anything you'd like to ask me that employment costs weren't going to magically drop to three per cent," Mr Costello said.

"That's not the real world, it wasn't the experience of the last five years."

© 2012 News Queensland

Intro from The Australian:

A QUEENSLAND government Commission of Audit has recommended asset sales and tax increases to reduce Queensland debt, after reporting a tenfold debt increase in five years to $64 billion this financial year.

The audit - conducted by former Howard government Treasurer Peter Costello, Queensland Investment Corporation chair Doug McTaggart and James Cook University vice-chancellor Prof Sandra Harding - reported their moored plan to cut debt $3 billion over three years would be insufficient to return Queensland to the "trigger range" for a credit upgrade.

AUSTERITY/garage-sale-politics, in a nutshell -- got the picture yet, you beer-swilling, apathetic, dumb, Aussie slave morons -- ask QLD Independent, Bob Katter, what he thinks?

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by les Friday, Jun 15 2012, 8:06am

someone should ask Queenslanders if it hurts when they sit down

debt and appropriating State assets
by collector Friday, Jun 15 2012, 8:34am

Consider that Oz is one of the world's largest suppliers of high quality commodities and that Queensland is second only to WA as a supplier of those commodities.

Consider also that the Oz population is only 21 million and that hundreds of billions of dollars are made in profits by mining Corporations every year and that trillions have been made since the mining boom began over a decade ago, AND ONE BEGINS TO WONDER WHEREFORE ALL THIS 'DEBT' and to whom is Oz indebted?

Either Oz is plagued by the most inept governments in the world or the fix is in!

If Greece wasn't suffering exactly the same extortive methods or modus operandi at the hands of International Banksters it would have been a little more difficult to point the finger -- but Costello screaming that Qld wouldn't be able to service its debt without SELLING its State ASSETS is the game loser.

Costello was an inept politician and is now clearly more inept as a Corporate errand boy and conman.

A little investigation of State and national debt goes a very long way.

the fix is in
by fixer Saturday, Jun 16 2012, 11:31pm

do some very necessary research on the underreported 'Trans-Pacific Partnership' (TPP) -- a formula for Corporate rule and the continued weakening of sovereign governments. Australia and New Zealand are signatories to this nefarious plan.

Does the "sell [Queensland State] assets" (to the Corporations) call by errand boy Peter Costello now make sense?

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