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Light Plays
by rayn Friday, Jun 15 2012, 1:59pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

i shudder
every time u enter my space
what magic is this
that easily penetrates my defences?
what strange power
dances and prances
thru my being
bouncing me around
like a rubber ball?

jets of light project from
ur eyes into mine
and twirl down
my spine
like a screw
ending at my cock,
the hard way

i feel like a flag in a hurricane
whipping and snapping
when ur near,
constantly drawn and thrown about
like a rag doll on a band,
i have no resistance
to ur strange power

like a gyro transfixed in ur location
captured, frenzied yet
appearing deceptively stationary
u stoke a tempest

but then i discover an anomaly
in the flow, a trick
to break the spell.

from the furnace u stoked below
i draw the fire up
and funnel it thru my eyes into urs
and watch u stumble a little
swoon a bit,
and release a sigh

u smile and continue to
transmute and refine the energy
in ever swirling orbits thru our bodies
until it’s able to absorb our identities
and merge them into one.

i am well versed in the arts
yet i am unable to fathom
ur magic,
ur alchemical potions
that captivate and transmute.

it cannot continue
without our bodies joining
in trembling embrace --
but that was ur intent
from the first,
n'est-ce pas?

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