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Oz PM Gillard calls for Europe to back failing private banks
by Paul Osborne via stewy - SMH Friday, Jun 15 2012, 11:40pm
international / social/political / other press

Reprehensible LIAR and Corporate lackey PM, Juliar 'carbon GSachs' Gillard, has once again shown her traitorous credentials and true colours by supporting the clearly corrupt, gambling, PRIVATE Banks and not the people.

Puppet leaders Obama and Gillard - get the picture?
Puppet leaders Obama and Gillard - get the picture?

PRIVATE banks have had it their own way since they gained control over western democracies/politicians some decades past. For over three decades their dutiful lackeys in government have lifted regulation after regulation until the banks had an open slather playing field. And as history records ever so painfully, what did the Banks do with their new unregulated freedoms, abuse the privileges, gamble, rob and deceive until many national economies and the global economy went bust -- that is the hard REALITY facing the world today regarding PRIVATE corporate Banking and no amount of spin or obfuscation could alter that grim REALITY.

You would think after all the trouble Banks have caused they would be very apologetic and contrite but not so arrogant banksters; they appear before senate committee after senate committee in the USA, lying, deceiving and attempting to AVOID responsibility for THEIR criminal actions -- currently the brazen criminal CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie 'jewboy' Dimon, is before a US government inquiry for GAMBLING over two (2) billion dollars away almost overnight -- and this outrage after JP Morgan -- a cosy Fed associate -- was handsomely and unconditionally bailed out of trouble by dumb American taxpayers!

It would seem obvious to most people that when a certain formula fails you change it or reform the system in order to avoid the pitfalls again -- but not so the global Reserve banking system, they own western governments, as is demonstrated by reprehensible lackey-LIAR Gillard serving their interests regardless of public opinion and sentiment! The gall (or blind stupidity) of that treasonous bitch knows no limits, she is now OPENLY calling for the world to support the very banks that created ALL the problems in the first instance when it is plainly obvious that PRIVATE Banks are fundamentally CORRUPT and criminal.

AGAIN, the solution is simple and OBVIOUS -- dump unpegged, toilet-paper (printed on demand) greenbacks, take Federal control of the currency and monetary policy, NATIONALISE the Banking sector and regulate the 'markets.' But that RATIONAL solution is too plain and effective for the irrational masses and cunning bankster criminals of today, so it's onward puppet politicians marching to the call of robber barons and rapacious corporate CRIMINALS!

Report from the SMH follows:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak have issued a joint statement urging "resolute action" by Europe to address uncertainty in the global economy.

Ms Gillard and Mr Lee will be among the G20 nation leaders to gather in the Mexican resort city of Los Cabos on Monday and Tuesday.

"We need a clear message from Europe that it is taking decisive steps to stabilise and strengthen its banks," they said.

"A crucial element of restoring confidence in Europe is agreement on a roadmap for the eurozone to underpin its monetary union by a fiscal union and a banking union."

Ms Gillard will land in Los Cabos on Sunday, where she will address a B20 business forum being held in the sidelines of the leaders' summit.

The eurozone debt crisis will dominate the G20 summit.

All eyes will be on Greece on Sunday as its people go to the polls to determine whether to endorse a conservative government committed to economic and fiscal reform or a popular radical left administration which would likely see an exit from the euro.

Mr Lee and Ms Gillard backed Spain's acceptance of financial assistance, saying Europe should move quickly to ensure that its banks are "adequately capitalised and backstopped" because the health of the banking sector is key to economic growth and reducing some of the risks preoccupying markets.

"Europe must have credible fiscal consolidation plans to restore fiscal sustainability, but it is also essential that it has a strategy for growth that includes policies aimed at boosting investment, freeing up product and labour markets, deregulating business, promoting competition and building skills," they said.

They said the G20 summit should make progress in the process of reforming the International Monetary Fund, including increasing IMF resources by more than $US430 billion ($A430 billion), and ensuring the agency's governance structure reflects "the shifts in economic influence".

Australia last year pledged to double its IMF commitment.

"Economic growth and new jobs are crucial to improving people's livelihoods both now and for future generations ... the world is expecting the G20 to deliver," they said.

© 2012 Fairfax Media.

[When will 'they' ever learn -- you tell me?]

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