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Infinite Dimensions and the Plurality of Existence
by quill Sunday, Jun 17 2012, 2:14pm
international / philosophy / article

It is self-evident that one dimension cannot/does not overlap into another; for instance, the third dimension intruding into fourth or the ninth etc. Dimensions are completely self-contained and isolated from each other though they may share the same ‘space;’ if breaches occurred or dimensions overlapped, their existential integrity would be compromised, they would therefore cease to exist as realms of being governed by specific creative laws and of course any ‘life’ in those dimensions would cease.

What are the implications of an infinite universe with infinite dimensions? The mind not only boggles at such questions it is incapable of apprehending the nature of higher dimensions, as it [the mind] is peculiar to the realm of existence to which it owes its origination or genesis.

However, the universe is known to be a continuum or infinite, so too everything in it! Therefore every dimension contains a ‘doorway’ to infinity from which it derives its existential integrity.

So, what is that aspect of ourselves that is able to not only appreciate infinity but to understand the broader ‘picture’ of multidimensional existence?

Human be-ings as participants/components of a continuous universe have a quality that is indestructible.

Indeed, our essential core/Self is continuous and indestructible but that reality is of no use if we identify with transitory existence.

For those able to identify their constant, enduring, essential nature I need not dwell on descriptives; it is sufficient to re-iterate that we persist regardless of dimensional ‘departures’/death – I omitted to mention previously that we are able to exit the dimensions we inhabit by shedding the vehicles (bodies) we utilise in order to experience those dimensions.

Viewed with this perspective it becomes a very trifling matter to consider ‘endings and beginnings’ or the permanent disappearance of various forms of life specific to particular dimensions.

If we view ourselves from a universal perspective/attitude we take our place in continuum not in transience or the temporary – in fact, we persist whether we like it or not. The difference is that one state is peace/Bliss by nature while the other is fraught with a multitude of woes, joys, pains and transitory pleasures.

Furthermore, the centering this universal world view affords is infinitely more rewarding and satisfying than the chaotic, transitory world view common to culturally constrained people.

In conclusion I would maintain thematic integrity by stating there is no conclusion – we are ONE continuous pulse of existence and we are unstoppable in more ways than can be imagined.

Infinity is Perfection otherwise it could not have endured.

While this short paper targets a specific audience able to understand – intuitives, artists, poets, mystics, philosophers, lovers and geniuses, no-one is excluded, all are invited; however, very few accept the invitation.

[The aspect that endures and continues as infinity is consciousness, not mind, which is a cultural product formulated by (finite) language. Consciousness by nature is immutable, pure and limitless -- consciousness maintains its integrity regardless of all other factors.]

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