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Economics not Sustainability as the Dominant and Destructive Primary Discourse
by millie Thursday, Jun 21 2012, 12:23am
international / social/political / commentary

When something is established over a relatively long period of social time -- decades in this case -- the 'given' often appears as 'natural,' as is now the case with economics firmly established as the primary social discourse. However, a step outside that dominant discourse reveals an entirely different critical picture than the many deceptive images presented. The world and societies everywhere are going to wrack and ruin largely as a result of the myopic adherence to the economic discourse to the exclusion of more critically important discourses/issues on sustainability and non-monetary matters. That's right darlings, the world/universe has never been reliant on money or driven by economics, it survives -- long term -- on harmony and co-operative relations, not divisive and destructive conflict/war profiteering for financial and corporate elites. So no prizes for guessing which forces have established the economic discourse as the primary political and social 'reality' today.

I should be able to end it here, but I will re-iterate, the primary ECONOMIC discourse is just another -- in this case destructive -- world view, imposed by forces with very vested interests in its survival and their privileged positions. Yet REALITY dictates that it is the obsession with economic debate/discourse that is the CAUSE of ALL the world's problems today! Unsustainable, rapacious corporate practices and social (debt) slavery flow from this dominant but 'unnatural' discourse.

The exploitation, at frightening speed, of available FINITE resources, without due thought or consideration for future consequences and the tenability of the environment/human race is madness, pure and simple; but that is exactly what is occurring today!

I would now ask whether we are emerging from our media induced trance and gaining a clearer picture of the world as it really is (a fuckin' mess)?

The lunatics in whose extremely short term interests it is to impose this false economic reality on the masses are by evidential example quite mad, they are -- and make no mistake whatsoever -- sociopaths and destructive lunatics of the highest order yet we passively go along with their imposed world view, I mean, is it time for a swift kick in the collective social backside?

From here it can only GET WORSE if we fail as a society to rein in the lunatics that have created the MANY global crises we are experiencing today.

Yet the solution is as simple as it is plain to see; VOTE corrupted, unrepresentative puppet politicians out of office and relegate them to the political wilderness. Establish representative leaders with sustainable long term policies in all positions of political and social influence and TIGHTLY regulate those industries which are able to harm society and the planet. Ask yourselves how many current candidates reflect sustainable values and have coherent policies in that regard?

Restore majority democratic rule or perish! And I'm not exaggerating. The major political parties of all western democracies are as corrupt as can be; they clearly serve the lunatic interests of the people that are destroying OUR world.

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