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A Life of Crime
by nano Saturday, Dec 30 2006, 3:26pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

The execution of the murderer, Saddam Hussein, by American organised criminals via their proxies in Iraq, highlights the fact that criminals vying for power determine the course of the world. The coalition of Bush, Blair and Howard is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians yet these leaders commit their crimes with impunity. The defining principle is not law (as is claimed) it is brute force! Economic and military power determine who is a ‘criminal’ and who is a ‘saviour’ regardless of the acts committed.

Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein

Western style government must maintain its democratic and representative charade otherwise the façade behind which the real powers ply their nefarious trade may crumble. The determining factor that exempts the coalition but defines Saddam as mass murderer is based not on legal propriety or international law but on military might, primitive brute force in other words, a concept that all criminals readily understand and employ.

East, West, North, South, it is only a matter of style, swing your club any which-way you please, the result is the same. A glance at Asia reveals a thoroughly corrupt and brutal Chinese regime, indistinguishable in style to its nearest powerful neighbour, Russia. The Asian powers are so steeped in corruption it is accepted as natural, a way of life.

No exceptions exist today, criminal rule is the norm for every nation; the reasons are plain, rulership and government necessarily involve, deceit, corruption, violence, theft and other appalling behaviours. ‘Sing your song of sixpence’ anyway you please, not one world leader today or in the historical record could claim the status of ‘clean skin’.

A world governed by criminals would obviously be inequitable, unjust, violent and repressive, a world in which the majority suffers. Rule by the few over the many always results in criminal leadership and suffering for the masses.

Humans everywhere are constantly fed lies regarding their status as the most intelligent species on the planet. I would refute that claim without hesitation. The social model has been dysfunctional since recorded history began; today it is more horrendous than ever, why then hasn’t this 'supremely intelligent' species rectified the problem (the elimination of minority rule?) The answer is simple; the species is deficient in numerous areas; if continuity is the measure/indicator of a successful species then humans are obviously deficient and at risk of extinction, as is presently evident!

Pollution, species extinction, total environmental degradation, all for the ‘critical’ need of the few to possess disproportionate amounts of wealth! It would truly be difficult to cite a more ‘important’ reason to sacrifice an entire species, don’t you think?

Face your future and weep!

For the want of a modicum of courage the world was lost.

George W Bush
George W Bush


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Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like an Execution
by George Papanastasiou via rialator Sunday, Dec 31 2006, 4:34pm


Saddam’s hanging, coming at this ‘festive’ time for Christians and just prior to a ‘forgiving’ holiday for Muslims, will solve nothing, but Bush, Blair and Howard, gathered round their families, can now bring in the New Year with a joyous little revenge killing.

And a merry Christmas and happy New Year to all…

No doubt, the man was a butcher, responsible for atrocious crimes. But his execution was wrong. We simply cannot claim the moral or civilised high ground when we behave like the criminals we condemn.

This barbarous act comes at a time when the slaughter in Iraq has reached unprecedented levels, both for Iraqis and Americans, all in the name of democracy.

The insanity of the situation is reflected in global sentiment: Bush was last week declared the worlds biggest villain, by his own people; Latin America has collectively denounced the United States as an imperialist ogre and is in revolt; the Arabic world is frothing at the mouth with anger at anything American, or Christian for that matter. Where will all this end? Did we ever come out of the dark ages?

From this stupid action we can now expect the catastrophe in Iraq to get worse. Nobody can foresee the consequences. Revenge killings only bring more revenge killings and the cycle of craziness goes on forever or at least until rational people wrest control of human development.

At this moment all we need to remember is that Bush, Blair and Howard are as much war criminals as Saddam, having collectively caused the deaths of an estimated 655,000 Iraqi’s since the 2003 invasion.

Believe it or not, that’s more than Saddam was responsible for in a career spanning 30 years.

The difference? We voted for our butchers.

We're democratic.

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