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Conservatism -- Predictable by Definition
by budgie Tuesday, Jan 23 2007, 9:51am
international / peace/war / commentary

Bush's State of the Union

Bush’s State of the Union address was notable for its predicability, same old vacuous rhetoric; conservatives are nothing if not predictable. Bush essentially asked the American people to stick with him on his disastrous course. American expansionism must accelerate its push for Middle East domination and appropriation (theft) of Oil reserves as the puppet President loses tenure in two years. This push is very badly sold to the American people as the endless war on terror and the ‘democratisation’ (colonisation) of resource rich weaker nations. The over use of the words “win”, “success”, “victory”, is having the reverse effect, the population is beginning to display symptoms that are more common in aversion therapy clinics! It is quite astounding and revealing that Bush’s handlers are unable to offer real solutions; beating the same tin drum with a lead spoon would hardly attract support.

State of Denial
State of Denial

Essentially we are asked to support the President on the basis of his existing track record of FAILURE! Nothing really new was offered as a SOLUTION to the Middle East disaster, only more of the same failed strategies and an escalation of troop numbers. At once the world community begins to question the sanity of the American people – the same disastrous formulas could only deliver the same disastrous results; shouldn’t this be obvious to Americans?

Regardless of Bush’s lacklustre performance and broken record delivery, the living hell that is American occupied Iraq and the horrendous Iraqi death toll speaks louder and clearer than anything Bush or his neo-cons are able to offer.

Addressing the REAL issues, resigning and throwing himself on the mercy of an International War Crimes Tribunal would have been the honourable option for Bush. But of course, the world is aware that Bush, Howard and Blair are loathsome criminal cowards.

Arrest the war criminals!


Support OUR criminal invasion!
Support OUR criminal invasion!

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