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by cubic Saturday, May 12 2007, 12:38pm
national / peace/war / commentary

In the absence of any real opposition in Australian politics -- major parties now compete with each other for the title of ‘conservative of the year’ -- a large percentage of the population has been left without a voice. The fact that the overwhelming majority of Aussies are not conservatives seems to have escaped the attention of opposition political parties. A major demographic group has been overlooked or under-utilised by consultants, marketeers and advisers to the parties. As there are no vacuums in politics the social space of real opposition is being filled by various sub-cultural organisations. Foremost among these groups are the para-military biker organisations -- the Rebels, Bandidos, Nomads and Commancheros.


Few outsiders, including the ‘gangs squad’, are aware of the real strength/solidarity of the ‘brotherhoods’ and even fewer are aware of the internal workings of these clubs. Club members are not passive, panic-stricken, bourgeois dilettantes; membership consists of men as far removed from “passive” as one could imagine. So it is with some amusement that we received the announcement by the Commissioner of the NSW Boy Scouts in blue, Ken Moroney, that police will be “cracking down” (targeting) “bikie gangs”. One of his over-prescribed (testosterone) underlings added that ‘we’ will be “in the face” of bikie gangs at all times -- one could almost smell the ball odour from here! Remarks bordering on hysteria do not engender confidence in the new NSW Boy Scout police force.

Furthermore, victimising club members comes at a very high price for police; it is no secret that sophisticated information technologies have been utilised by the clubs to obtain the personal details of police. One member of the police was assassinated as a result of the victimisation and murder of a club member – the cliché ‘no one is safe ‘ applies to those displaying hostility to members.

The Commissioner also voiced his alarm at the number of apparently disparate groups that have achieved unification under the banner or badge of biker clubs. Reference was made to Middle Eastern, Polynesian, Serbian, Greek members and their purported links to ethnic crime syndicates – Australian regulatory institutions have always been xenophobic.

I would remind the pigs they are not dealing with a bunch of wet behind the ears kiddie protesters; if necessary the various clubs will be forced to unite against a common enemy. It is hoped this message is not lost on the testosterone brigade of ‘has beens’ ready for the pasture. If not, I can hardly wait for someone to intrude in my ‘face’. We are able to identify and locate you anywhere, anytime – that much you already know!

Conservative forces have effectively eliminated real opposition and viable alternatives in Oz. As a result of the reduced availability of alternatives, disillusioned citizens seek membership in organisations that oppose the narrow world view of conservatives. Responsibility for the explosion in membership in biker clubs and other sub-cultural groups must be taken by those who have stifled mainstream opposition.

Our membership now includes ex-military, all manner of engineers, IT professionals and other specialists including a number of academics.

Have you ever 'done the ton' on the open road?



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